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How To Get a Free iPad legally (Seriously, It’s a Thing!)

How To Get a Free iPad legally
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Voila! In this article, we will be sharing with you all the ways to get a Free iPad And iPad Pro for students, low-income families, seniors, and so on. With the advancement in technology and the currently prevailing COVID-19 global pandemic, devices like iPads, laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc., have become essential.

With life shifting to an online mode of conduct in terms of work as well as education, technology gadgets like iPads, laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc., are keeping everything going on. Since such devices have replaced traditional schooling and working methods, they have become very crucial and essential for all.

However, as you might already know, such devices are quite expensive most of the time, and hence it might get difficult for low-income people.

Students and senior citizens buy such devices. Considering the need and less fortunate situation of many people, the government, many Non-profit NGOs, technology companies, and so on offer discounted iPads and other tablets and gadgets and also at times free iPad for students, etc.

So, if you are one such student, or needy person, or a senior citizen looking for ways to get a free iPad and iPad Pro, then I would suggest you keep reading the below article to know of the ways to get free iPad for students, low-income families, and seniors.

How To Get Free iPad And iPad Pro?

If you are wondering, then let me tell you that there are a few ways to get an iPad and an iPad Pro.

Use Grants to Get a Free iPad

There are a lot of grants out there that can help you with financial assistance to get a free iPad. Check out the below options, see if you are eligible for these programs, and then apply for them!

  • Modest Needs Grant – One of the well-known NGOs with a robust objective of providing short-term financial assistance to families going through a temporary crisis situation with the view of mitigating their burden.
  • Conover CompanyThe Conover Company is a mobile technology company that provides grants to help people with disabilities in living normal life. You can fill out their online application form to get grants.
  • The Puzzling Piece iPad Challenge – is a way through which families touched by autism and similar other disabilities are helped by supporting them through technology.
  • Different Needz Foundation – This organization works to raise money to help families and children with special needs. The funds are raised throughout the year, and you can ask them whenever you need their help and the estimated cost.
  • Fund It Forward – A foundation dedicated to raising money to help special children and the special needs they have.
  • The Lindsay Foundation – is a well-known not-for-profit organization with the goal of assisting families with crucial resources of medical treatment and rehabilitative equipment to improve the quality of life of special children.
  • Friends of Disabled Adults and Children, Too! – As you can guess by the name itself, this organization works towards the betterment of differently-abled children and adults. The organization is known to offer as much as $9 million every year to the differently-abled community.
  • Different Iz Good Foundation – Yet another well-known organization that gifts Apple devices. They have their applications running only through a certain time of the year. You can check their website for more information.
  • First Hand Foundation – Yet another organization that helps children with special needs by assisting them financially and offering them technology equipment that is generally not covered by any insurance.
  • Gia Nicole Angel Foundation – The Gia Nicole Angel Foundation works toward enhancing the everyday activities of special children and their families by offering them assistance by means of buying certain items of need for them. They generally help children that are going through some diseases like cerebral palsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, or physical disability.
  • Hanna’s Helping Hands – Grants for low-income families with children having special needs. This organization mainly works in New York, Michigan, Indiana, Kansas, Rhode Island, and Kansas City Metropolitan Area.
  • Little Bear Gives – is a foundation that sponsors grants to get free iPads for children along with CVI. You can stay tuned with their dates by signing up for their newsletter.
  • iTaalk Foundation – Another organization is working towards assisting the technology needs of individuals with autism and also educating the world on emerging technologies for the advantage of those with special needs.
  • Little Bear Sees – This organization mainly focuses on providing CVI iPad to low-income families in need.
  • Jake’s Help From Heaven – is a very helpful organization that will directly buy the items of necessity that make a direct impact on the life of medically delicate individuals. The organization is well aware of the crucial equipment and items needed for improving the quality of life of people and thus offers items of medical importance.
  • Parker’s Purpose – is one of the very helpful grants for those suffering from an illness or a disability who are in need of financial assistance due to a financial crisis because of the disease. The program gives preference to Ohio residents, but it also extends beyond its boundaries.
  • Paige’s Princess Foundation – is an organization that offers scholarships and grants for low-income families and those in need for equipment to cover the costs of therapies.
  • Daniela’s Wish – This mission has the aim of helping kids in keeping them happy by granting a wish of theirs and giving them something they can own. This grant is focused mainly on the kids, and you can get more information about it on their official website.
  • NWA Apraxia Support is an organization that helps the needy suffering from Apraxia and other such disorders with grants for treatments, equipment, supplemental therapies, activities, etc. They are mostly active in the Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio areas.
  • Danny’s Wish – This is similar to Daniela’s Wish mission. Through this mission, life-enhancing resources and experiences are offered to the children and the families dealing with autism and autism spectrum disorders. They raised over $50,000 to offer 100 iPads to the affected children. iPads for Autism applications are accepted only during September 1st to December 31st of each calendar year.
  • Special Kids Therapy –  This organization helps needy special children who are facing different physical developmental issues. They do so by raising funds for the therapies and services for special kids.
  • Zane’s Foundation – Through this foundation, one can get grants for special children and their families. You can use the grants offered by them for any of your children’s needs, including iPads.
  • United Healthcare Children’s Foundation – is an organization that aims to support the facilitation and access of health care services crucial in the view of offering and enhancing the clinical condition of the children by covering costs that are not covered through insurance.
  • Small Steps in Speech – The goal of this organization is to assist children who are facing language or speech disorders. The organization can help you with grants to purchase communication devices for those in need, including iPads.
  • The Prayer Child Foundation – is known to offer assistance to children of eighteen years of age and young with emotional and physical challenges.
  • Gracie Pridmore Foundation – This organization is known to help people by offering funds for therapies related to Speech, PT, OT, iPads, HBOT, and so on.
  • SEAL Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation – is a well-established organization that is known to directly support tutoring, mentoring, educational diagnostic testing, and support to families that are on active duty and support people having children with special needs.
  • The UCP Elsie S. Bellows Fund – is a program run nationwide to offer grants to purchase or repair technology devices that are helpful for disabled individuals. If the affected families do not have the financial resources available, then they are eligible for this program and funds.
  • Patient Advocate Foundation – is a well-known organization with the objective of providing arbitration and mediation services to the patients, family members, caregivers, and providers of those facing major medical problems in their lives.
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There are various grants specially meant for special kids. If your child is diagnosed with autism, then you can look for grants from the below-mentioned programs –

  • Andrew’s Gift
  • Autism Care & Treatment
  • Generation Rescue Family Grant Program
  • Friends of Jacob Foundation
  • HollyRod Foundation
  • Helping Hand Grant
  • Joey’s Fund Family Grant Program
  • Jasmynn’s Voice
  • Let’s Chat Autism
  • Lil Mac Kids Foundation
  • NAA Voice Foundation
  • MyGOAL Inc. Enrichment Grant
  • Talk About Curing Autism: Family Scholarship Program

Use an Insurance Company to Cover to get an iPad

Use an Insurance Company to Cover to get an iPad

You can contact your insurance company and inquire about Durable Medical Equipment to see what you can find out through this option.

At times, you might be able to get a free iPad or iPad pro through this method.

You can definitely give this a try, and what’s it going to cost just to ask your insurance manager? If you are thinking of using insurance to get a free iPad, then one crucial thing you need to keep in mind is that you will have to state an obvious reason as to why you need an iPad.

One of the best reasons that are known to work in many cases is by stating that your child/children need the device and can benefit and learn from it.

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Additionally, it would help if you also listed the applications that will be used in doing so.

Get help from your School to Get a Free iPad

One of the best methods to get a free iPad is by mentioning the benefits you from your school or your children from their school can get through the iPad.

If your school or your child’s school agrees to your request, then they can fund the purchase. But do keep in mind that they also own it.

If in a school or with your child, you will have to use the iPad outside the classroom. Now in order to make this method work, it is necessary that you follow the essential steps that are needed to get the accommodation or therapy written in the child’s IEP.

The paperwork might seem a little tedious, but it will be very helpful in getting a free iPad.

Does Government Offer EBB Free iPad Or Tablet?

If you did not already know, the government runs a very helpful program named the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.

It helps the less fortunate and financially distressed households and individuals access fast internet connectivity services and ensures amazing learning and job opportunities.

Now the Emergency Broadband Benefit program EBB offers a discount of over $50 per month for broadband service for eligible people.

They also give up to $75 per month for families if they qualify for the Tribal lands. Not only that, but through this program, incentives are given to providers to offer discounts on their devices and services.

One of the very peculiar features of this program is that they also offer a one-time discount of over $100 to eligible families for purchasing a laptop, tablet, desktop, or computer from the providers that are willing to offer such a discount provided that they are contributing more than $10 and less than $50 for the purchase.

As you might have understood by now, having a $100 grant will not cover even half of the cost of an iPad.

So, it is very unlikely that you will get an iPad from EBB. However, if there are any refurbished models of the iPad which might be less costly, then you can certainly try them.

But in our opinion, it would be beneficial if you buy a new tablet rather than using an old iPad.

Also, you will have more chances for getting a free tablet. You can also go for Qlink Wireless which is a well-known provider of both EBB and Lifeline programs that offers free tablets to the needy and eligible people.

Which iPads and Tablets are Provided Free by The Government?

To our knowledge, there are no such iPads that are offered for free by the government. However, if you are willing to get a free tablet, then you can check for the free Tablet from the wireless company – Qlink Wireless.

Which Provider Offer Free iPad Or Tablet Free Under The EBB?

Under the EBB program, there are no such specific providers that offer free iPad Or tablets Free. As you know by now, the price of an iPad exceeds the funds available through the EBB program by a significant amount.

Alternative Ways To Get Free iPad

If you are wondering, then yes! There are a lot of alternative ways to get a free iPad. Given below are some of the ways using which you can get a free iPad. Make sure that you give a read to all of these methods and try them out so as to increase your chances of getting a free iPad.

Get Free iPad Via Local Charities or Churches

We all know that there are a lot of local charities that can actually help those in need with almost any and everything.

A lot of charities and NGOs like the Salvation Army, the Vincent De Paul Society, and so on help people in need by offering them assistance with almost everything like food, clothes, furniture, housing, and so on.

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You can also reach out to such NGOs are ask them to help you out. It is very unlikely that you will get an iPad from an NGO, but you can most certainly try.

There are high chance that you will get a tablet from such NGOs if you are a working professional or a student.

Another great option to get a free iPad is Churches. Churches get donations from many people who are willing to give back to the community.

You can definitely ask your nearby local church and explain to them your need for an iPad or a tablet. They might help you out with this.

Online Support Groups to get free iPad

If you are following the right type of Support group, you have the chance of getting a free iPad. Such programs can help you, especially when you are a student.

Generally, in such support groups, you will have to mention your need for an iPad. This might not always be the best and most full-proof option, but you can give it a try.

Get free iPad from Online Giveaways, Raffle/Lotteries

One can also participate in various giveaways where either the conducting organization or person offering money or apple products like iPad.

You can search for iPad giveaways online. Just make sure that you are very careful and do not fall for any scam.

In most of the giveaways, you are just required to follow the social media account of the one conducting the giveaway and then like and comment on their posts.

You can also try your luck for Raffles and Lottery whereas rather than buying tickets, you have just to perform some easy tasks. Such online programs and support groups can be very beneficial though they mostly depend on luck.

Does Lifeline Program Offer Free iPad Or Tablet?

Does Lifeline Program Offer Free iPad Or Tablet?

Lifeline Program is one of the most well-known government-aided programs for much low income and needy people. It is also known as the ‘Obama Phone’. Through this program, you get a lot of benefits, but let me clarify to you that they are lesser in comparison with the EBB.

You can get a monthly discount of $9.25 with this program. But, there are various wireless providers who will top these benefits by offering free mobile plans as well as free mobile phones.

You might already know that there are a lot of Lifeline providers who will give you offers like a free entry-level smartphone.

But in such a case, too, a free iPad or a free iPhone is not something that would be available easily. It is very obvious that such devices are way too expensive to be offered for free.

Do Apple Employees Get Free iPad?

As you might already know, the perks an employee gets from their company are not the sort of information available in the public domain.

But as anyone can guess, the benefits will always increase with the level of position in the company.

As is known, Apple tends to give an annual 25% discount while purchasing iPad, computers, or iPods for their employees. Also, after every 3 years, the workers can get around $250 off on an iPad or $500 off on a Mac!

Can I Get Discounted iPad?

It can become very difficult to get a free iPad, and such circumstances would be very few. But you can certainly get a discounted iPad. You can get discounts of as much as 5%, 10%, or even 15% discount.

There are also many exchanges offers that go on wherein you can trade your old device with an iPad and get some good amounts of discounts on it.

Are Free iPhone Giveaways Real?

Yes, they are. A lot of iPhone giveaways are real. Some of the companies, Apple itself, or even some influencers conduct online and offline giveaways of the iPad as a part of their marketing strategy. The logic behind this is very simple.

Rather than spending tens and thousands of bucks on advertising, a company can invest in an iPad, conduct a giveaway with rules like commenting on their official social media handles, and getting a great amount of engagement.

Such campaigns are genuine if the company or person in question is trustworthy. There can be some scams, so make sure that you are careful while participating in such giveaways. Although they are rare in nature, trying your luck will not hurt!

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