About us

Who Are We?

We at Marilyn Falsies strive to help people with information about various grants, financial assistance programs, charities, and NGOs that help with various needs of needy and low-income families. Whether it is simple grants like free groceries for low-income families or how to get cars for free from the government. We have got it all covered for you.

About Marilyn’s Falsies 

Marilyn Falsies is a website where you can find helpful information about the various grants available for low-income families and needy individuals. This way, one does not have to think and stop themselves to buy something essential or continue with their higher education only because of financial issues.

Our website aims to provide all the necessary information through which one can get financial assistance and live a healthy lifestyle. However, we do not offer any direct financial assistance but let you know the ways available to get one.

Our Goals

There are many needy people out there who find it difficult to afford even the basic needs of life due to their economic conditions. We at Marilyn’s falsies try to help such less fortunate people with all the information we have about various grants for them.

On this website, we have made sure to include as many grants for low-income families and needy people as possible and all the ways through which they can get assistance for as many things as possible.

Connect With Us

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