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Get Free Broken Computers & Old Computers

Get Free Broken Computers & Old Computers
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Computers are now one of the crucial parts of our lives. They are required for various purposes like work, education, etc. If you want a computer but cannot afford it, then do not worry; we have you covered. Here is an entire article dedicated to the different ways, organizations, charities, etc., through which you can get a broken computer for free.

Free broken computers can be hard to find. But if you can work with refurbished or donated computers, then you are good to go. A number of government programs, agencies, and Non-profit organizations work to offer free broken computers to low-income families and needy individuals. So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and check out all your options to get free computers.

How to Get Free Broken Computers?

As you might already know, many companies accept, reuse, recycle, and repair old computers and sell them as new ones with modifications. However, this is not the case with charities and such organizations. These institutions do take donated laptops, Computers, etc., and also refurbish them but provide them to low income families and needy individuals.

Many companies also gather old computers and refurbish them to provide to needy people. You can ask various such computer companies by calling or visiting them about free broken computers. If they do offer such a service, they will ask you to apply. If not, do not worry; as mentioned below, you still have many other options to get free broken computers.

Eligibility To Get Free Broken Computers

In order to get free broken computers from various organizations, one has to fulfill certain eligibility criteria laid down by that organization. This is to ensure that the needy get help. Also, one major reason for stricter eligibility criteria is the limited number of resources.

Some of the very common criteria for eligibility to get free broken computers are –

  • Single Mom
  • Disabled person
  • Registered a non-profit business at the state level
  • Tax-exempt status with the federal government.
  • Nonprofit businesses serving children or the underprivileged.

However, note that various organizations have different rules in this regard, and you will have to check with the organization you are applying for their eligibility criteria.

Where Can I Get Old Computers For Free?

Where can I Get Old Computers For Free

  • Craigslist

If you have not already heard,  Craigslist is one of the top websites that act as an online reselling platform. A huge number of people resell various items here at cheaper prices. At times, you might also get some items free of cost.

The best thing about this site is that its user interface is very easy. You can filter your search based on different categories of computer range, map locator, price range, and other things. Once you place the order and select payment mode, you will get its delivery within a few working days.

Even if you do not find anything useful on this website right at the moment, you should keep regularly checking as many people post stuff here, and many buy it very soon.

  • Freecycle

Freecycle is an online platform similar to Craigslist. This one is slightly different from Craigslist in the fact that it aims for the recycling of items. The site has various sellers from across the country who are willing to sell their old items, and at times, some of these items can also be sold for free.

The site has and gains two motives – One of Recycling and the other to offer items at lower costs. And hence the name freecycle.  This non-profit organization helps people across the globe to connect with each other and help out mutually.

People can sell their used old items here, and those in need of them can buy them. This website generally lets you find the best help possible, and thus buying anything becomes much easier for you.

The group has over 9,00,000 members all across the world and more than 5,297 groups. With so much manpower, you can easily find yourself broken computers for sale. Go ahead and check out the official website for more information about free broken computers on Freecycle.

  • Freegeek

Freegeek is yet another organization offering broken computers for low-income families and individuals in need. The organization accepts and offers various electronic appliances apart from Computers, like Air Conditioners, Microwave, Alkaline batteries, Light bulbs, Smoke Detectors, Dehumidifiers, and so on.

You can get free computers from this organization, and if you are chosen, you will get your computer within a day. You can check their official website to learn more about their programs and services.

  • PCs for people

As the name itself suggests, PCs for People is an organization that offers technology services to those in need. Not just computers or laptops, but PCs for people also offers other related services like Internet service and computer repair.

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The aim of this organization is to create new opportunities for those having limited access to technology by offering them computers, laptops, internet services, and so on. Companies with tax exemption 501 are eligible to buy computers and internet services for their non-profit business. They may also get free broken computers for sale.

For individuals and families, those who live below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines or those receiving government benefits are eligible to get computers, high-speed internet services, computer repair, as well as Microsoft Registered renewal.

  • CCL North

CCL North is an IT-specializing company that reuses, renovates, and resales equipment for revenue generation. The organization can help you with free broken computers. You might also get junk computers for free here. In this way, the main emphasis of the respective organization is to protect the environment from e-waste and help many people with computers

You don’t need to worry about refurbishing and recycling the old computers. You will get the best computer once you request it. The team of experts that has been employed by the organization is expert in replacing the failed parts to refurbish the computers for reuse. In this way, the team recovers memory modules, processor chips, motherboards, LCD displays, graphic cards, and keyboards.

So, without any delay, secure your refurbished and durable computers from the organization today.

  • On It Foundation

On It Foundation was founded in the year 1999 by Miss Calveta Phair. The organization works with the motive to increase and expand technological access to socially and economically unprivileged families that come in the K-12 grade. The mission of the organization is to end the digital gap and enhance digital literacy across the USA.

The respective organization has benefitted many lower-income families, people with less education, those who are disabled, Hispanics, Blacks, and rural residents with advanced technology. Now, they are changing their lives with digital literacy.

One can find broken free computers here. This foundation has ties with various educational institutions, businesses, and computer access centers. They also run a free computer for college students program by the name – Jump On it.

If you want to claim your free computers directly from the organization, you can do it as well. You only need to send an email to the organization to [email protected] with the confirmation letter from your school.

  • Interconnection

Interconnection is yet another organization that offers laptops and desktops to needy families and students. You can find laptops and computers for as cheap as $99. Sometimes you might also get them at a cheaper price than that. Through their online store, you can also get junk computers for free.

The company offers updated laptops and computers that usually come with features like Office Home 2007, Windows 7 Pro, PowerPoint, etc. You also get spyware, antivirus, and WiFi card but with a guarantee of over 90 days.

The majority of the laptops this company offers are from Dell. These are included with Peripherals and flat screens. Through interconnection, you can also get discounted desktops.

In order to buy a laptop from interconnection at $99, you will have to either use cash or a credit card. Also, one eligibility is required to get a laptop or desktop from Interconnection, which is to have an annual income of less than 40,000. You can also show them an EBT card for this purpose.

  • Computer Aid International

Computer Aid International is yet another charity organization that offers its services worldwide. The organization was founded in 1997. Since then, it has transformed the lives of over 14.5 million worldwide with free and accessible technology.

It collaborates with many organizations, i.e., SITA, DELL, Skadden, RECONNECT, Socitm, London Community Resource Network, Online Centers Artwork, A4ID, and tier 1 to reach economically disadvantaged across the world. The charity is known to offer computers to NFP organizations, especially developing countries.

Any non-profit organization, i.e., school, charity, or community, can apply for the computers. The prices of the computers start at 65 pounds.

  • Camara

Camara is one of the very well-known National Charity Organizations that offers free broken computers to those in need. The organization offers its upgraded computers to schools in various underprivileged areas of East Africa, Haiti, and Ireland.

Not just laptops and computers, but this organization also works to offer hard drive data erasers, drop off, IT Equipment collection, and damage service to individuals as well as companies.

Besides this, the organization also offers teachers training and innovative digital learning sessions to African schools. The main idea of these training programs is to empower teachers and educators first with digital literary skills. The empowered teachers will empower students.

  • Reboot the project

Reboot the Project is an intermediary or a bridge that has helped various schools, Non-profit organizations, and needy people since 1997. This Montgomery-based project supplies over 80% of their upgraded computers to the local needy people.

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With the view to meeting students’ needs, donated computers from the Microsoft Registered Referrer Program are repaired and installed with license software.

Reboot the Project also offers its service in the metropolitan areas of Washington, DC. This project has refurbished over 11,000 computers until now. The organization updates the computers that have been donated by the volunteers.

  • Byteback computer recycling

Byteback Computer Recycling, as the name suggests, is a computer recycling company. This is a project of the IT School Africa and African School Computers. This program upgrades IT Equipment and then distributes the useful among the schools in Africa. They also provide broken computers to other needy people.

The organization has been offering its services to several areas, including Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, South Gloucester, Gloucester, Wiltshire, and Swindon. Furthermore, the organization runs a welfare program named the Bristol Computer Reuse Program.

This program aims to collect IT disposal in bulk. Then, explore the reused items to use them again after refurbishing them. Thereafter, the refurbished items are distributed in the sales channels of the non-profit organizations

. In this way, the respective organization reaches vulnerable sections of society to help them with free computers.

  • RCS Recycling

RCS Recycling is an organization that undertakes the safe removal of unwanted and old IT equipment. Various other organizations and charities reinforce their computers and computer parts like CPUs, motherboards, monitors, etc., through this organization.

The company believes that monitors, printers, hard drives, and circuit boards should not be thrown out. If they are left untreated and unused, they will release toxic substances which will prove as a threat to the environment as well as to the world.

The company RCS Recycling is a licensed e-waste management company that aims to protect the environment from the toxic rubbish of e-waste. The company recycles the e-waste with great care and distributes refurbished computers to charities that are looking for refurbished and recycled models to help under-resourced people and communities.

  • Broken IT

Broken IT is a well-known Non-profit organization that is based in Cambridge Shire but works all across the country. The organization reuses, recycles, and retrieves IT  equipment, and thus you can get free broken computers from them.

The company aims to reduce carbon footprint at the global footprint by reducing E-waste at a large scale. You should never think that recycled and refurbished laptops and desktops are not better than the new laptops and desktops.

The Broken IT company ensures that its refurbished models are faster and more durable than the new models coming into the market. The company redesigns them with adequate storage and an up-to-date Operating System.

So, why waste much money when you have a chance to get a new recycled laptop at low prices?  Check their official website to know more.

  • Pass it on to get free old Computers

Pass It On is a charity that helps disabled people by collecting donated computers, editing them, and deleting the data. They also offer free access to computer parts. One can easily get old computers for free by passing them on.

The respective organization has enriched the lives of many in the UK with free computers. Besides computers and laptops, the organization donates warm clothing, essential items, and hot food to deprived people of society.

In this way, the organization has been bringing meaningful change to the lives of vulnerable sections by collaborating with other UK charities, local organizations, and volunteers.

  • Computer Recycling Center (CRC)

Computer Recycling Center (CRC) is a non-profit organization based in California but serves the entire country. It receives computer donations and then restores them and redistributes them among those who need them. It mostly helps people with disabilities to get free computers.

If you know someone who wants to recycle their electronic appliances, including desktops, laptops, and other accessories, you can refer them to the  Computer Recycling Center. They will get drop-off services from the organizations.

Simply put, it has become very easy to get rid of electronic waste or data waste with the help of the organization’s drop-off locations.

  • Environmental computer recycling and disposal

Environmental computer recycling and disposal is a company you can look forward to if none of the above options seem to be useful. Here you can get junk computers for free. This organization manages unwanted computers and other telecom equipment. In this way, it prevents the e-waste gadgets from becoming part of thousands of waste that could be mounted in the form of landfill sites

The company has gained the utmost recognition in the field of providing eligible beneficiaries with the best recycling and disposal services. Its refurbished and recycled laptops are further used by other charity organizations. Its services are available to corporate companies, the Public sector, SMEs, NHS hospitals, Police Departments, and Councils.

  • TR Computer

With the help of TR Computer, you can get broken computers free of cost. You will find a number of centers of this organization all over the country. You can google them and visit the nearby center to get a free broken computer.

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This is a well-known organization that has benefitted people like you and me across the country. If you don’t get a good response from other organizations, TR Computer will be the best choice that you should choose to get the delivery of free computers at your doorstep.

Other Ways To Get Old Or Broken Computers for free in 2023

In case the above organizations were not as helpful to you, Given below are some other ways you can try to get old or broken computers for free of cost –

  • Use Social Media

Social Media is powerful, and you know it. You can use your social media to post about your need for a PC, and you might get help from someone who wants to sell their PC or maybe a free computer.

This is a guaranteed way to fulfill the dream of owning a computer without paying anything for it. You only need to explain your current hardships precisely, as well as your present need for a laptop or desktop.

  • Local Government Agencies

A number of government agencies are present on the local level to help people out with their problems. You can try contacting the local government agencies, explain to them your need and they could prove to be of great help. If you are a single mom, veteran, disabled, or income-eligible, you can claim your free laptop from the local government agencies.

  • Computer repair shops

Computer repair shops are one of the best places to get free broken computers. This is because they have excess and also old models of computers along with separate parts. Simply visit the nearby computer repair shop, tell them about your conditions and needs, and they will be able to help you out in some way. Never forget in your life ‘the more you ask, the more you get.

  • Contact an NGO

NGOs are yet another great option if you are genuinely needy and want a free broken computer. You can visit the nearby NGO or call them to ask for help. They can help you directly with a free broken computer/laptop, or they might share with you the contact form where you can get one. These NGOs are funded by the government and other companies to help disadvantaged communities. Furthermore, they also get the aid of refurbished and recycled laptops and desktops from the above mentioned organizations or companies.

  • Visit Local Church

A church is one of the very few places any person can turn to for help in need. A lot of devotees of the church make donations to the church according to their needs it. You can try visiting your local church and describing your situation and need for a PC.

If you start exploring their beneficiary services, you will find that your nearby churches have helped many people like you with various free products or services in times of need. Most probably, they will try to help you out.


How can I get a free computer?

You can get a computer for free through Freecycle, Craigslist, On it Foundation, and other organizations mentioned above.

How do I get free government internet?

You can get free government internet through various government programs like Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Tribal Programs for Native Americans, Supplemental Security Income, and so on.

Can I Get a Laptop for free?

Yes, you can get a laptop for free from the government, Freecycle, Craigslist, and various charity organizations like On It Foundation.

How can I get free Internet at home without paying?

You can get free internet without paying at home through NetZero free internet, Freedom Pop free internet, InstaBridge, Municipal Wireless Network, asking a neighbor, or using phone internet through a hotspot.

How can I get a laptop for free without doing anything?

You can get a free laptop without doing anything by checking out the local library, attending online college or school, contacting various charity organizations like Computer with Causes and PCs for People, and applying for a government free computers program.

Final Words

I hope you all have found the above article of use. In case there is anything you want to ask us, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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