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How to get Free Cars From Government?

How to get Free Cars From Government
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If you have a tight budget for buying a new car, it can be difficult for you to decide whether you should buy it or not. But don’t worry!

You have various options to get a grant for the car. In this way, you will be able to fulfill your dream of buying a car that will be exactly according to your dream and accompany you for years to come.

It just needs a little bit of research and planning to know about the free car programs. This post will help you discover which government/charity program is going to assist you right now.

This post maps out a comprehensive overview of the government car voucher program and charity car programs that offer old or used cars and free car grants to disadvantaged communities (DAC) in society.

Let’s dig in!

Can I get a free car?

Yes, you have a full opportunity to get a free car. The free government car voucher programs, free government car grants programs, and charities’ free car programs don’t discriminate among disadvantaged communities (DAC).

Disadvantaged groups of people include single moms, cancer patients, veterans, disabled, senior citizens, and low-income Americans. If you belong to any one of the given categories, you are also eligible for it.

Since the car is an expensive automobile vehicle, the government and charitable organizations can’t extend their free car grant benefits to all. Their decision will be based on your need for the car.

Hence, if you don’t get it, you should not lose your hope.

Scroll down the screen to read where to apply for the free car programs. Various options will make your chances of getting a free car higher.

Free government car voucher programs

Free government car voucher programs

Check out the following free government car programs:

1. Clean Vehicle Assistance Program

The Clean Vehicle Assistance program is an initiative to offer clean and green vehicles to disadvantaged communities. California Climate Investments funds this program and aims to improve public health, the economy, greenhouse gas emissions, and the environment. Hence, if you want to buy an electric car, you can apply for this clean vehicle assistance program based on your income eligibility. On applying, if your request is found valid, you will be able to get support of up to USD 2000. https://cleanvehiclegrants.org/

So, you should not miss this great deal of getting a grant for battery-powered electric cars. You only need to apply through an online application that you will get on the official website of the program. Then, you will have to wait for a few days until you get the confirmation email of approval for a grant.

Note: Do not purchase the car before getting the approval for a grant. You can’t redeem it if you have already purchased a battery car before being approved for it.

2. Grants.gov

Do you want to raise funds for your car on the federal government platform? If yes, then you should visit the Grants.gov platform to raise funds. Once you successfully register yourself to raise funds on the platform, you will be able to get monetary help from kind donors.

You should not forget to mention the cause of raising funds for a car. Your genuine cause will help you in getting funds for your car as soon as possible.

This federal government fundraising platform has streamlined the procedure of raising funds for various purposes. It has replaced the complex federal government raising fund programs. This awards USD 500 billion (approx) to organizations and individuals annually for various purposes. You can also raise funds for your car here. https://www.grants.gov/learn-grants/grant-programs

3. State Government Funds

Individual US state governments offer grants to applicants for various purposes. These grant programs differ from state to state. They usually offer grants to assist them in different fields such as education, scientific research, etc. You can get the privilege of having a car grant by specifying your need to the state government for it. Based on your application and your need for it, you will be allocated the car grant without any ado.

To get more information about the state grant programs, you should visit the official state government website. You will come to know about the scope of opportunity for you there.

4. US Department of Transportation

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) offers funds for new or used cars to various non-profit organizations. In this way, the department helps disadvantaged Americans with a faster transportation system so that they will be able to explore new opportunities for success.

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The DOT funds free car programs through two programs i.e. Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program and the National Vehicle Donation Program (NVDP). In this way, the federal government helps NGOs to get funds to help vulnerable groups of people for getting a car.

Free charity car programs based on government free car assistance

Free charity car programs based on government free car assistance

Several car charity programs are given below. Go through them and own a car to fulfill your dreams:

1. Cars4Heroes

Cars 4 Heroes is a non-profit organization that helps veterans, military personnel, their families, and civilians in times of need with free car services. Those who are seriously disabled will get wheelchairs to reach hospitals.

Furthermore, if you want to apply for a free car, you will be able to apply for it. Usually, this non-profit organization prefers veterans and military personnel, but it also cares for civilians. The first responders can also get a free car. So, apply for this program as soon as possible.

2. 1-800 Charity Cars

1-800 Charity Cars program is another non-profit organization that asks for donations from donors of their car vehicles. This organization aims to empower disadvantaged groups of people with the best means of transportation.

If you are a sufferer of domestic abuse, physical abuse, victims of natural disasters, the disabled, non-profit organization, and any other, you can avail of the benefit of a free car from here. The organization will verify your details when you apply for a free car. Hence, you should be truthful while applying for it. It has awarded free cars worth $80 million to veterans and other disadvantaged families. https://800charitycars.org/ You and your family can also enjoy car riding in your car.

3. Vehicles for Change

Vehicles for Change is another non-profit organization that offers low-cost cars to income-eligible and other vulnerable groups of society in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Michigan, and Virginia. Since 1999, the organization has changed the lives of over 24,000 people by awarding  6,900 free cars to their families. https://www.vehiclesforchange.org/why-vfc/

In an analysis, it has been found that around 70% of the free car recipients from the Vehicles for Change have got better jobs. So, without any delay, you should apply for a free car. You should make sure that the online application form that you fill should be filled with the correct information. Any incorrect information found in the application form can cancel your request for the free car.

4. Cars4Christmas

Cars4Christmas is another non-profit organization that has been providing eligibles with free cars grant programs. This organization has been providing applicants with free Christmas charity cars during the Christmas festivities only.

Whether you want a simple car or a wheelchair-accessible van, you can get the vehicle according to your needs. In this way, the organization will help you to transform your life. But when you apply for it, you have to explain how the car can change your life. Your story should be true and can influence the concerned authority to allow a car for free for you.

The charity doesn’t reply to all applications. Only selected ones can avail of the benefit of the free cars. These selected ones are the most needy. They are notified by the management for the personal interview session before the final selection is made.

5. Online Car Donation.Org

Online Car Donation.Org is another non-profit organization that has provided many cars to social agencies, disadvantaged families, and non-profit organizations. You have an opportunity to get a free cars from the organization.

You only need to explain your present situation and why you need a car in the application form. Based on your life story, the organization will shortlist your name and notify you. The respective organization will only notify you when you will be selected for the free car. Many battered women, homeless people, disabled, and veterans have taken advantage of this program, now it’s your time to take advantage of it.

Hence, you should fill out the application form and try to influence the concerned authority with real-life hardships and your need for a car.

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6. Good News Garage

Good News Garage is another non-profit organization that was founded in the year 1996. Its program Wheels to Work has benefited many disadvantaged families in Massachusetts and Vermont with free cars. In this way, it helps people reach the goal of self-sustainability. Over the last 266 years, the organization has helped more than 5500 families by donating free cars. Its mission is to remove the barrier of poverty and enhance financial independence throughout New England society. https://goodnewsgarage.org/about-gng/

This program encourages donors to donate their cars by opening new doors of opportunities for them. They will get free towing and a generous tax deduction in the fair market if they donate their car to the organization for the welfare of needy people.

So, apply for a free car right now and get its delivery within a few days. Enjoy a pleasant family car ride!

7. WithCauses.Org

WithCauses.Org is another non-profit organization that has been working to make a major difference in the lives of children, veterans, people with serious illnesses, the elderly, the disabled, and their families. It has helped them in many ways such as by providing them with free housing, free cars, free boats, and free computers. You can visit its official website and read through the testimonials speaking about the organization’s great contribution to uplift society.

You can also apply for a donated car through this organization and end all your transportation difficulties. This has brought happiness to many less fortunate lives. You can also get precious happiness with an expensive car at zero price.

8. Modest Needs

Modest Needs is also known to help vulnerable people in multiple ways. You can also ask for help through the organization by telling them that you can’t lead a normal life without a car. The notable thing about the organization is that it will not offer you cash to buy a car. Instead of this, the organization will help you by remitting payment to the vendor whose name is mentioned on your application form.

In this way, the organization ensures that the applicant will get the benefit to which he is entitled. This will prevent the risk of scams. The respective organization has helped many public school teachers, first responders, active military personnel, and veterans. You can also get help based on the gravity of your suffering and future possibilities with a free car.

How can single moms get a free government car?

A single mom has to undergo many hardships in her life. It is not easy to handle personal and professional life. They have to face the struggles of life psychologically, economically, and emotionally. It is not easy to take care of the lives of children when the earning member is only one.

To support single moms and their incredible role in society, the federal government has rolled out an initiative so that they will be able to make the future of their children in a better way. The name of the federal government initiative is Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). If you apply for this program, you will get monthly monetary help through this program. You can use this cash payment to pay monthly installments for the car.

Besides this, many non-profit organizations funded by the government or not funded by the government help single moms achieve their goal of a car so that they can manage their personal and professional lives easily. The tasks such as sending children to school, buying groceries, going to the office, picking up children from school, etc. are managed by the moms with dignity with the assistance of NGOs. You can also apply for a free car through an NGO. Based on the gravity of your miserable situation, you will be entitled to get a free car.

How can veterans get a free government car?

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers a free car grant to those veterans who have a serious disability due to their patriotic service to the motherland. In this way, the federal government honors their contribution to protecting their country from enemies.

They don’t need to bother about their medical appointments, hospital visits for treatments, vocational rehabilitation, or therapeutical treatment. They will get cars with wheelchairs to ease their struggle to get treatment to cure their disability. In the year 2022, the department spent USD 22,356 to help veterans with new or used car vehicles. In this way, this provision ensures that veterans will be able to travel safely to and from hospitals, and other destinations. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/01/09/new-law-expands-va-program-veterans-buy-vehicles-adapted-their-disabilities.html#:~:text=The%20VA’s%20program%20covers%20a,the%20grant%20amount%20was%20%2422%2C356.

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Besides this, the above-mentioned NGOs are actively operating for the welfare of active military personnel and retired military personnel. They get the support of the federal government to extend their car benefits program and car grants programs to eligible veterans.

Hence, the veterans should upload the document that can prove that they are retired military personnel. Besides this, they should also upload the medical certificate of their disability that they have got during their service time. This will exhibit how urgently you need a free car or free car grant to get the treatment of service-related disability.

How can senior citizens get a free car?

Are you over sixty? If yes, you need a safe and convenient means of transportation to travel long distances for various purposes such as medical appointments, hospital visits, therapeutical treatment, or other obligations.

You can’t refuse to travel but public transportation for you is a little bit unsafe at this age. Many NGOs understand the pain of senior citizens or disabled senior citizens. They have helped many senior citizens across the country by empowering them with their cars and their keys.

You don’t need to do a painstaking search for those NGOs. The above-listed NGOs will help in this crucial time of your life when you need care and attention. You can apply for a free car program online on their official websites and explain your grief to ensure the car’s delivery to your home. Furthermore, you can get emergency vehicle services as well from these organizations.

How can cancer patients get free cars?

Have you heard of the ChemoOrg name that works for cancer patients’ rides? Nope! Now, know about it and spread awareness about this program in society. Help your family member or friend who is suffering from the deadly disease of cancer right now.

ChemoCars provides cancer patients with free rides to and from cancer treatments. For this, the organization has partnered with Uber/Lvft for cancer patient free rides. They don’t need to pay for any ride. All rides are paid by the collected donation fund of the organization. Furthermore, the patients don’t need to use the smartphone to book a free ride. They only need to make a call to their regional ChemoCars support center and they will get the car at their doorstep within 10 minutes.

If you know somebody who is suffering from cancer, you can help him/her with this piece of information. You should ignite the hopes of light in others’ lives to keep your life bright.


1. Can a disabled person apply for a free government car voucher program?

Yes, a disabled person can apply for a free government voucher program. Read the above-mentioned list of programs and choose one that can serve your purpose. You will be able to get a car at zero price if you explain your pitiful condition precisely on the application form.

2. Why do the veterans get preference for free car programs?

The veterans have sacrificed their lives for happiness and sometimes they become physically challenged due to their patriotic service. To honor their incredible contribution to protecting their country, they get a preference for free car programs. Subsequently, they can travel safely to the hospitals for their medical treatment of severe injuries.

3. Can a low-income civilian get a free car?

Yes, the first responders and low-income civilians can get a free car without any ado. But have patience if you don’t get it. Only selected applicants based on their hardship get the opportunity to have a free car.

The Closing Comments

Now, you can fulfill your goal of having a car without any ado. This article has explained to you about every program related to free cars. However, you should take care of some things when you apply for a free car. Firstly, your research will help you shortlist the best NGOs and government programs for free cars. Secondly, you should explain your story clearly to influence the organizer. Thirdly, if you are raising a fund program, mention a strong comment that can exhibit the cause of the raising fund program to everyone.