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Free Refrigerator Programs For Low income Families

Free Refrigerator Programs For Low income Families
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Refrigerators are one of the essential household items. However, not everyone can afford them. But that does not mean you have to completely abstain from using it. You will be surprised to know that you can get Free Refrigerator Programs For Low-income Families through various organizations and programs.

It can get difficult to go without refrigerators, especially in summer. And for those with low income, it could be impossible to buy one. But worry not. There are many options you can try to get a free fridge for low-income families. A lot of organizations and places offer help in this regard to numerous people.

In this article, we have shared how you can get a fridge for free. So what are you still waiting for? Go ahead and check out all the options you can give a try!

Free Refrigerator Programs For Low-income Families

Several organizations run free refrigerator programs to help low-income families with a free fridge. Yes, it could not be easy to believe, but a few organizations can help you get a refrigerator free of cost.

Plus, if you are worried about the electricity or energy bill imposed on you after using these free refrigerators, do not worry. The refrigerators offered through such free fridge programs are energy efficient and consume comparatively less energy than the normal ones. And hence, you will also not have to worry about the energy bills.

So what is it that you are still waiting for? Scroll down to know the organizations that offer free refrigerator programs.

Organizations with Free Refrigerator Programs

Here are some of the most popular organizations that come forward to help those in need by offering assistance with free Refrigerators.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

LIHEAP, or Low Income Energy Assistance Program, is a federally funded program that offers free Refrigerators to low-income families. The program helps individuals from low-income families to buy energy-efficient appliances that will further reduce energy consumption and help them save on energy bills.

Each state runs this federally funded program; hence, the eligibility criteria could differ for different states. So make sure you contact the official team at LIHEAP to learn more about the program, its guidelines, and its policies.


Phone Number: (202) 401-9351
Fax Number: (202) 401-5661

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

The US Government runs the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), which offers free weatherization services and products to improve a home’s energy efficiency and reduce overall utility costs.

The program promotes the use of energy-efficient appliances and provides finances to help low-income families to buy energy-star-rated appliances, including Refrigerators.

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Eligibility for WAP – 

Preference is given to –

  • People over 60 years of age
  • Families have one or more members with a disability.
  • Families having children (in most states)

You are automatically eligible to receive weatherization services if you receive Supplemental Security Income or Aid to Families with Dependent Children. You can apply for the program from – this official link.

Contact WAP to learn more about the program –

Website – WAP Official Website

Phone – (916) 782-3443 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange Program

The LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange Program offers new energy-saving, ENERGY STAR® rated refrigerators in exchange for qualified older model refrigerators. And that, too, is FREE of charge. The Refrigerator Exchange Program gives you a 15 or 18-cubic-foot model refrigerator.

It is one of the most popular free refrigerator programs to help low-income families get a free fridge. Anyone can easily apply for this program, provided that they are eligible according to the criteria given below and mentioned on their official website –


Here is what you save through the LADWP program –

  • Money – Estimated savings of $60 annually on Refrigerator operating costs
  • Energy – New Energy Star-qualified refrigerators use half the electricity of non-Energy Star models
  • Environment – Using less electricity reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

Eligibility Criteria for LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange Program:

For Applicant 

To be eligible for the LADWP Refrigerator exchange program, one must possess the below eligibility criteria –

  • The Application must not have participated in the program earlier. This means they should not have already benefitted from the same program.
  • The Applicant must be an LADWP Electric customer and should belong to either of the groups at the time of form filling. The two groups are –
  1. Multi-Residential or Non-Profit Customers
    (Property Owner or Organization owns Refrigerator)
  2. Income-Qualified Customers
    (Homeowner or Tenant Owns Refrigerator)

For Refrigerator

The Refrigerator, to qualify for the program, must be –

  • Located in the LADWP service territory.
  • Owned by the tenant, property owner, or organization
  • At least ten years old
  • A minimum of 14 cubic feet (cu. ft.)
  • In working condition
  • Used as the primary unit – not in storage (must be located in the kitchen for residential customers)
  • Plugged into a properly grounded outlet. All refrigerator outlets must be properly grounded with a 3-prong plug under Article 250.114 (3)(a) of the National Electrical Code.

How to Apply for LADWP Exchange Program?

The process of applying for the LADWP Exchange Program is pretty simple. If you are eligible according to the above criteria, then call the given number or contact using the below email –

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1. Multi-residential or Non-Profit Customers

2. Income-Qualified Customers

For more information about the exchange program, you can visit the official LADWP Site.

Places that help with Free Refrigerator Programs For Low-income Families

Apart from the above options, many organizations can help you get free Refrigerators for low-income families. In case you did not find the above organizations useful in getting a free fridge or if you were not eligible for the above programs, there’s nothing to worry about.

Below are a few more options you can give a shot! Not all of them can offer free-of-cost refrigerators, but they can at least help you minimize the cost to a great extent.

St. Vincent De Paul

I am sure you might have heard of this name at least once in your lifetime. Being one of the largest Non-Profit Organizations, St. Vincent De Paul serves the people across the US. You might not get hardly any help from this organization. Be it Free ClothesFree Groceries for Low Income Families, or even  Free Furniture, and this organization can help you with every basic need of human life.

The best part about the program is that it is available across the country and generally has similar rules that apply to all states. Plus, the application process is pretty simple, and all you need to do is register. After completing the eligibility criteria and considering your Application, you will be given a free refrigerator.


Freecycle is one of the best websites that help those in need by offering a cheaper buying and selling platform. This amazing website bridges sellers and buyers who can opt for various products at cheaper costs.

Those who do not use any appliance or item any more or have substituted it with a new one can sell such old yet working appliances or items on this site at lower prices. Thus, even though not free, freecycle offers a cheaper alternative for those who cannot afford to buy a new refrigerator.

Furniture Banks

Don’t go with the name. Furniture banks offer free furniture for those in need and many other useful things. You can also get help from Furniture banks in getting free home appliances. The best part about Furniture banks is that you will find them in almost every state and town. The procedure to apply for a free refrigerator is easy as well.

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All you have to do is contact them and see if a refrigerator is available. If it is available, you are good to go. Furniture banks act as a bridge in the community where people donate various items to them, and these banks further help those in need.

Since the assistance depends on availability, we recommend you ask them over a call or mail rather than visiting the place immediately if it’s far away from your location.


Like Freecycle, Craigslist is yet another great option to go for if you are looking for a refrigerator at a low price. Of course, you will not be getting a free Refrigerator like the ones through Government assistance programs, but you will get them at a cheaper price.

For those who do not know, Craigslist is an online portal where many people sell used yet working products for free or at cheaper prices. Finding a refrigerator for yourself won’t be as difficult a task on Craigslist.

How to get free Appliances?

Like a free refrigerator, one can get other free appliances, either free or at cheaper prices. There are various ways to do this. You can either opt for different state or federally-run programs or get help from organizations like St. Vincent De Paul and Salvation Army or go for online selling buying portals like Freecycle or Craigslist.

Apart from these, you can also try other options like contacting friends, family, relatives, and people you know for help. They could know someone who wants to resell their appliances, or maybe they could themselves have a spare appliance that could be useful to you. Either way asking for help increases your chances of getting what you want.

You can also make use of social media in this matter. There are various pages on Reddit where you can find resellers who want to sell their old yet working items. Or, through your social media contact, you can get additional information about cheap or free appliances.


That was all about free Refrigerator for low-income families. I hope that by now you have found the best option for yourself. If you want further assistance with getting a free refrigerator, do let us know in the comment section below.

Also, if you have more insights on other helpful organizations that can help people with low-income families get free refrigerators, then do not wait; comment below to help others out!

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