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How to Cancel QLink Wireless (Try This FIRST!)

How to Cancel QLink Wireless easily
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Decided to disconnect from QLink Wireless? Well, you may have your own reason to cancel the service. But, before proceeding to cancel QLink Wireless, remember that it is one of the best Lifeline service providers in the US, and you’re going to say no to it.

Of course, there are certain situations that confuse you totally and divert your mind towards other providers when they offer good deals and special offers. It’s quite common. But, don’t let it happen only because of those illusional deals.

Remember, old is always gold. So, try to stick to it or else cancel only when it is mandatory. For example, when you lost your device/someone stole it, or if you’re not comfortable with the service.

If you’re the person I’m talking about, stick to the page and keep scrolling to know how to cancel QLink Wireless, what to do before canceling QLink Wireless, how long it takes, and what happens after canceling QLink Wireless.


Before that, let’s take a look at these points why you decided to cancel your account with QLink Wireless.

Reasons to Cancel QLink Wireless

As a citizen of the US, if you want to move on from the QLink Wireless, make sure that the reason for your cancellation is on the list.

  • If your QLink mobile is lost/stolen – This is mandatory. If you lost your mobile or it was stolen, you have to immediately respond and cancel the service to prevent third parties from inflicting additional charges on your account.
  • When you’re facing troubles with the network – you can close your account if you’re facing network issues in your area/when they don’t offer their services in your state, or when the area you relocated has poor coverage.
  • If you get a job – QLink is for low-income citizens. After opting for the service, if you get a job, you’ll become ineligible for government programs. So, get paid monthly and happily disconnect from QLink Wireless.
  • When you’re bored of using the same network – if you want to switch to another provider to get benefitted, cancel QLink Wireless and then move to it. But, don’t blindly do it to save just a few dollars for their limited attractive plans.

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What to Do Before Canceling QLink Wireless Service

If you decided to say goodbye to QLink Wireless, do it simply from the comfort of your home. There are no cancellation or termination fees. But, before going to do it, take a look at these points to know what to do before canceling QLink Wireless.

Backup all your data

The first and foremost thing you’ve to do is to backup your data. Because they may ask for the device at the time of cancellation. Therefore, if you’ve any important files or media, backup all that stuff before giving it back.

Clear the bills

The process of cancellation may become hard if you have any unfinished business with QLink. So, clear any pending bills left and then proceed further.

Keep your old number or give it

If the old number you’re using is active, keep it with you or donate the SIM to QLink Wireless if you don’t need it anymore. So that they can assign it to a new subscriber by replacing your details linked to that number.

Find a new provider

If you want to move on from the QLink Wireless, make sure to find another best Lifeline provider who has the best deals as per your requirements such as discounted plans, best offers, devices, and network coverage.

Prepare the documentation

The last and final arrangement. During the process, you’ve to detail about the service with proper documentation to make the process fast and easie

How to Cancel QLink Wireless Service

At last, you’re going to disconnect from QLink Wireless. If you’re all clear to proceed, do it either from your home or online by choosing any of the methods below. There are no termination or cancellation fees. Just choose a method and get disconnected from Qlink Wireless.

Canceling via Phone

In the above lines, you’ve seen what to do before canceling QLink Wireless. If you’re all clear, this method is the best one to cancel the service. All you have to do is to place a phone call.

Reach out QLink Wireless customer support @ 1-855-754-6543 and hold on for at least 20 minutes. Once the executive takes the line, ask to cancel the service. Then he will ask you some process-related questions like account number, phone number, email, and reason for canceling. If you’re clear, the team will guide you on what to do. Don’t worry, they will do most of the work themselves.

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The support team will be available from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 12 pm EST and from 9 am to 6 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday. In case you want to make a fast move, contact them online at qlinkwireless.com/members/support.aspx. to seek help. If you choose this option, simply fill out the form and ask them to cancel your account.

Canceling via Online

In the above method, you saw how to cancel QLink Wireless by reaching support online. But, if you wish to cancel the service without placing a call, do as follows.

  •  Visit qlinkwireless.com and log in to your account.
  •  Select My Account.
  •  There you’ll see the option Cancel Service. Select it and follow the instructions.

Note – From the moment you confirm the cancellation, you’ll no longer be able to use data and you won’t be able to make calls or send texts that use data.

Canceling via in-store

Another best way to cancel the QLink Wireless. Canceling the service online or offline takes a little time. Instead of doing so and so online, take a walk to the QLink store in your location and ask a professional to do it.


How Long Does It Take To Cancel Q Link Wireless Service?

Processing your QLink Wireless cancellation requests depends on the methods you followed and the reason for the cancellation you’ve chosen. If you do it over the phone, within seconds the service will get disconnected and you’ll be notified that you’re not able to make calls, send messages, or use data. However, the rest of the options take time for approval.

What Happens If I Cancel QLink Wireless Service?

From the next second you cancel QLink Wireless, you will not be able to make free phone calls, send free text messages, or use free data.

Some other reasons for cancellation may include the following.

If you violate any of their policies, your account will get canceled and you’re not allowed to reactivate it once again
If you were no longer Lifeline-eligible, your account got canceled. When you reapply, there is a chance to become eligible once again. You may also become Q Link’s regular customer.

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However, if you cancel the account on your own or if it got canceled because it was inactive, simply reactivate it.

Note – If you get disconnected from the service, keep in mind that you may also lose your number

Can I Keep My Phone After Canceling Q Link Wireless Service?

From the next day you cancel the service, QLink has the right to collect your QLink phone. But, they do not do it all the time. In case you brought a new device to QLink Wireless, chances are there for not collecting your device. Also, switching to another provider
will become easier.

Do I Have to Pay Any Charges to Cancel the QLink Wireless Service?

No, QLink Wireless doesn’t ask for any fees for termination or cancellation. Device whether to do it on your own or reach out to the nearest store and cancel it anytime without paying a dime for anyone. In case you are asked to pay the fee, contact Q Link’s customer service and enquire, as such a request would be a fraud case.

However, some add-ons like phone replacement may charge you an extra $25.

Can Q Link Itself Cancel My Wireless Service?

Yes, QLink has the right to cancel the service when you violate its terms in any case. This happens mostly in the following cases.

If you report that your mobile has been lost/stolen
If you violate QLink Wireless terms and conditions
If you’re no longer Lifeline-eligible
If you fail to complete the annual Lifeline recertification on time
If your account was inactive for 45 days or more

Final Words

It’s ok to cancel QLink Wireless. But, before proceeding to cancel QLink Wireless, remember that it is one of the best Lifeline service providers in the US, and you’re going to say no to it. In case you’re switching to a new one, make sure that the service provider has the best deals as per your requirements. Check their network coverage and check reviews of customers using it before going to hit the cancel button.

In the above lines, we’ve detailed everything about the QLink Wireless cancellation process. If you decide to move on from the service, choose a comfortable method and get disconnected.

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