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Assurance Wireless Application Status Check Online

Assurance Wireless Application Status Check Online
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Assurance Wireless is one of the most well-known network service providers in the United States. This network provider is also one of the participants of the Lifeline Assistance Program and the Affordable Connectivity Program. One can get a free government cell phone from  Assurance Wireless. They also offer various cell phone plans for free or at low prices and discounts. 

The best part about Assurance wireless is that you can easily apply for their Assurance wireless program through their official website. You can visit their official website and fill in the application form online. Not just that, but you can also check the Application Status Check Online. This allows you to keep track of what is the current status of your Assurance wireless program benefits. 

You can know if your application has been approved or not, you can know when your Assurance wireless free cellphone will be shipped to you, and all the other relevant details can be known with the Assurance wireless application status check online. In case you want to get more information about how to check Assurance wireless application status online, then keep reading the article below, where we have mentioned a detailed guide on how to check Assurance application status online.

Assurance Wireless Application Status Check Online


As you must know by now, Assurance Wireless is one of the most well-known network service providers in the United States and is also a participant in the Lifeline Assistance Program and Affordable Connectivity Program. The service fund is usually supported by the federal Universal Service, and this government phone provider can help you get free smartphones and other services, such as free cell phone plans. 

You can apply for Assurance wireless through their official website and Get updates about your application status. If you are curious to know whether or not your Assurance wireless application has been approved, then you can check the application status of the Assurance wireless program easily.

On the official website, you can log in to know the Assurance wireless application status check online. You can get information about your Application Approval Status, when your free smartphone will be shipped, and so on. Go through the below-detailed guide to know more about Assurance Wireless Application Status Check Online.

How to Apply for Assurance wireless Application form Online?

In order to apply for Assurance Wireless Application online form, you will have to visit the official website of Assurance wireless. You can find the orange tab that reads ‘fill online. Simply click on the Assurance wireless online application form. 

On the form, you will have to enter details such as you are full name, address, Assurance wireless contact number, email address, and other such details.

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After filling out the form, simply click on done once finished. In order to submit the form, you can either mail it to Assurance various PO Box 686, Parsippany, NJ, USA 07054 or fax it to 1-877-732-3018.

Eligibility for Assurance wireless application


Similar to most assistance programs, the free tablet, and smartphone program offered by Assurance wireless comes with a certain set of criteria that needs to be fulfilled. Resources available to offer free smartphones, tablet as well as cell phone service plans are quite limited in nature. Not everyone would get the opportunity to get the free Smartphones from Assurance wireless since the number of applicants would be very large as compared to the free smartphones or tablets available. 

Hence to make sure that the limited resources are used efficiently and made available to those who genuinely need them, there are certain eligibility requirements to apply for the Assurance wireless application. Income people are eligible for the Assurance wireless program and are preferred to give free resources. Certain other groups of people, such as elder citizens, single moms, students, etc., can get free Assurance Wireless Tablet

Also, the resources available are generally limited to eligible customers residing in that particular geographical area. Assurance wireless application is also restricted to families who are in a non Transferable mood and have only one discounted wireline or wireless service available in their family. Also, note that Assurance wireless services are not available in all the states.

How to get Assurance Wireless application form?

You can get the assurance wireless application form On the official website of Assurance wireless. You can download or fill in the form and submit it online. Generally, the requirement To be eligible for the Assurance wireless program is low-income families. If you are family income is below or at 135 % according to the federal poverty guidelines, then you will be eligible for the Assurance wireless free smartphone program. 

You can also receive benefits such as 500 minutes of free calls each month, unlimited message options, free cell phones, and a lot more with the Assurance wireless program. Apart from this, you also have the chance to buy additional hours of calling that range from $5 to $30.You can pay using multiple options, such as cash, PayPal, or credit card.

How to check Assurance wireless Application status?

It is actually very easy to check the application status of Assurance wireless online. It is, in fact, better than checking with the person on the phone for surfing through the web pages and phone prompts.

In order to check Assurance wireless application status online, you will have to first visit the official website of Assurance wireless at – https://www.assurancewireless.com/my-account/check-status. You will see an option to log in to your account on the page. You can enter your 6 – 10 number account application ID along with your home zip code.

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Once you log in to your account, just scroll down, and you will see a section where users can check their order status using their order numbers. You can check the date of submission of your application and if or not you received your approval letter. You can certainly also know if your phone has been shipped yet. 

Assurance Wireless Application Questions you must answer.


As mentioned above, there is a certain criterion of eligibility when it comes to Assurance Wireless free smartphone programs. To know if you are eligible for the program or not, Assurance wireless would require to get some information from your end that would help them make a decision. Given below is the information that will be required from you while applying for the Assurance wireless application.

  • Personal Information

Firstly you will be required to mention your personal information, which is your name, address, the state you live in, your contact number, and so on. On the application form for Assurance wireless, you will also have to mention other details such as the last four digits of your social security number, your date of birth, and other relevant information.

  • Program-Based Eligibility

If you are applying for Assurance wireless through the program-based eligibility criteria, then you will have to provide certain information regarding the program in that you are a participant. You will find a list of Government programs.

You can be a participant in any of these programs to be eligible for the Assurance wireless assistance program. As proof of participation in the government assistance program, you will have to submit the below documents –

  • Your gross yearly income
  • Approval letter from authorized agencies
  • Photocopy of your benefits ID card
  • Statement of benefits for the current year or last year
  • Income Based Eligibility

To know if you are eligible through Income Based Eligibility, you will be required to provide statements of documents such as SS benefits, Pay stubs, Unemployment benefits statements, Retirement or Pension statements, Veterans benefits statements. You will also be required to enter information such as your family size and the amount that is closest to your gross yearly income.

Assurance Wireless Customer Service

You can contact Assurance Wireless customer support by contacting them at 1-888-321-5880. 

Assurance Wireless Customer Service
P.O. Box 7600
Mattoon, IL 61938-9807
Fax 1-877-732-9018

As per the new Federal guidelines, in order to keep the lifeline services active, one has to go online using a phone call or message. 

  • If you wish to keep the assistance regarding how to program your phone, then you will have to press #1. 
  • In order to check the application status online, press #2.
  • In case you are new to Lifeline services, press #3 for better assistance.
  • Or you can press #4 and then enter your 10-digit mobile phone number for further assistance.
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How to find the Assurance Wireless account number and pin?


In order to contact Assurance Wireless, you can contact 1-(888)-898-4888 so as to access your account number. 

Now coming to the PIN, your PIN is a 6-digit or 10-digit number which is created by you and is available in your welcome letter. At the top right corner of the bill, you can get the PIN number. You can also find the same by logging in to your account online to find the account number.

Benefits of Assurance wireless application

By now, you must be aware that there are a lot of benefits that come with the Assurance wireless application program. If you qualify for the Assurance wireless program, then you will be able to receive the below advantages – 

  1. With the Assurance wireless program, you can get a free cell phone. 
  2. You also get 500 free minutes each month. 
  3. You can also receive unlimited free text messages through this program. 

For the first four months of the new service, one can also receive additional 150 free calling minutes. One can also buy additional time for $30 for international calls. You can also purchase a Virgin Mobile Top-Up card where the phones and phone accessories are sold. You can get the chance to pay using either a credit card or PayPal.

Final Thoughts

That was it all about Assurance wireless Application Status Check Online. We hope that all of you can easily check your Assurance wireless application status online with the help of the above guide.

It is quite obvious that many of us get anxious and want to check whether or not the application will be approved, and if yes, then how long will it take for your free smartphone for free cell phone plans to arrive?

We understand the curiosity, and so does Assurance wireless. Hence they have the option on their official website, using which the users can check application status online. You can take the help of this option as well, and no if or not and when your Assurance wireless free smartphone will arrive.

In case you have any doubts regarding the Assurance wireless application status check online, feel free to contact us in the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.