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Backpack for free | Free school supplies near you

Backpack for free
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If you are worried about the costly back-to-school supplies expenses, you should leave all your worries here. Everything from pencils and pens to clothing and accessories will be managed without any ado. You have a great opportunity that you can seize right now and avail the benefits of a School backpack for free.

Doesn’t it sound optimistic to you?

You don’t need to spend beyond your budget. Many non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, and assistance programs have been providing under-resourced communities with free school supplies across the year. They ensure that your child will receive education from the first day of school.

This post will help you.

This post maps out a comprehensive and precise overview of those organizations that have been offering free school supplies to disadvantaged or under-resourced groups of society.

Let’s dig in!

Who can avail of the benefits of a backpack for free?

As the new school session of the year 2024 draws near, the parents look worried about the expenses they have to manage on the year-over-year increased prices of school supplies. For those who can not afford groceries and other essential items, it becomes very difficult for them to pay for expensive school supplies bills.

You will have a silver lining if you have fallen in trouble due to it. Now, shopping for school supplies is not going to be an expensive event. You will manage everything for your children ‘s education for free.

Several non-profit organizations, charitable organizations, and assistance programs are with your firstborn and second child’s education program without unlawful discrimination.

Check out the following enlisted beneficiaries who can benefit from the backpack for free:

  • Single mom’s
  • Military personnel
  • Low-income eligible
  • Disabled
  • Seasonal workers
  • Other vulnerable people

Top 8 Charities are giving away Backpack for Free

Not sure which charities will help you with free school supplies? Check out the following list of 8 charities that have been giving away free school supplies to your child:

The Assistance League

Operation School Bell is the signature program of the Assistance League that has been designed especially for those children who can not afford costly back-to-school supplies. This program aims to end the literacy gap across various regions.

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You can also participate in this program and save your paycheck after paycheck from costly school supplies.

The regional chapters help children by providing them with new school apparel and sneakers. In addition, this program also offers free dental care, eyesight, and hearing checkups.

The Boys and Girls Club of America

The Boys and Girls Club of America gives free backpacks to needy students. They get free notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, glue stickers, scissors, and more from the club.

This organization gets the support of volunteers who make financial contributions to the noble cause of academic expenses of the poor and deprived children.

This organization has reduced the burden of expensive education for vulnerable children. They can also dream of achieving success in their lives with the powerful weapon of education.

Operation Homefront

If you are a military personnel, Operation Homefront has an excellent offer for the academics of your children. This organization runs a yearly program named the Back to School Brigade Program all over the US.

You can also seize this opportunity and minimize the expenses of costly education to a great extent. So, without any delay, register yourself with the program, as this is based on a first-come, first-serve registration process.

So, without any delay, apply for this and be thankful for the organization’s efforts to eliminate the literacy gap.

United Way

You can apply for the back-to-school drives of the non-profit organization United Way and get back-to-school supplies for free.

Millions of volunteers are associated with the organisation worldwide bringing a drastic change to the lives of needy people by bringing new opportunities for them.

You can also get free school supplies for your children from the organization and fulfill the dream of providing higher education for your children for their upliftment.

  • Website: https://www.unitedway.org/
  • Contact: United Way Worldwide
    701 N. Fairfax Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    Tel: (703) 836-7112
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The Salvation Army

Do you know the role of the Salvation Army in today’s US education? This coordinates with many back-to-school supply events and helps families who are in extreme need of assistance to send their children to school due to their financially weak position.

This organization collects supplies from local donors and volunteers and provides these supplies to those organizations that have been running back-to-school drives for the welfare of deprived children.

Now, no need to bother about the costly feat of school supplies for your children.

Kids in Need Foundation

This organization has been working on the proposition of helping teachers and students equally with free school supplies. This aims to provide $24 of supplies to teachers and students with one dollar donated amount only.

This organization doesn’t support free backpack supplies directly to students. It reaches teachers and students through schools.

Hence, if you are looking for the essential backpack supplies for your child, you should contact your child’s teacher, counselor, and principal to assist you with free school supplies amidst your worst financial condition. The organization will connect with your child’s school to distribute costly back-to-school supplies at the principal’s request.


YMCA is more than gyms and pools because this is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives belonging to different groups of society. In the series of many successful beneficiary initiatives, the school supplies program has empowered under-resourced students with expensive school supplies and materials. This organization has outreached many vulnerable students and provided them with essential backpack supplies. Its team members don’t let their dreams of learning and growing shatter.

You can also participate in the YMCA back-to-school free essential supplies program, i.e., YMCA Operation Backpack, which will ignite the future of your child with higher education. In this way, you will get great relief amidst your financial stress.

Green Education Foundation

Green Education Foundation signs up schools for their Backpack Exchange Program. The motive behind this program is to spread awareness on how to dispose of used items and save the environment. The schools need to schedule an event day for the program.

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To motivate schools for the events, the foundation offers free backpack supplies in bulk quantity to students. You can enquire about it from your school.

What is the backpack program run by Feeding America?

Have you heard of the free backpack program that offers free meals to kids? If yes, then., you know very well the significant contribution of the organization Feeding America in offering free healthy and readymade meals for kids and free groceries for families. \

You can ask your school district or local food bank for the following weekend backpack program. This program includes the following listed items:

  • Breakfast items such as oatmeal, cereals, etc.
  • Readymade meals such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, canned soup, or mac and cheese
  • Milk or juice
  • Bread
  • Fresh or canned fruit
  • Fresh or canned vegetables
  • Snacks


1.   How can GoFundMe help me get monetary help for costly backpack-free supplies?

GoFundMe is an online platform that people use to raise funds. If you are going through an extreme financial crisis, you can raise funds for your child’s education and backpack supplies.

2.   Can you donate to public schools?

Yes, you can donate to public schools. They accept all types of used and new backpack supplies, classroom supplies, furniture, computers, sports equipment, and musical instruments.

3.   Which school supplies are most needed for donation?

Crayons, pens, pencils, school bags, markers, and notebooks are the most needed supplies for donation.

Final Thought

I hope that you have found a way to transform challenges into opportunities. The increased prices over your child’s school supplies will no longer impact you. You will get a backpack free for your child without any ado.

The above organizations want to end the literacy gap prevailing in US society. They see bright students in those who are living in dark and shattered lives. You should ask your friend to take advantage of their programs.