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Qlink Compatible Phones at Walmart with Affordable Prices

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Today, it’s really hard to find someone without a phone. No matter the age and gender. From kids to elders, almost everyone dreams of buying a phone to see what’s happening outside. But, we are all attracted to the ads of companies and investing hundreds of dollars simply by trusting brands instead of looking into specs, build quality, security features, and reliability of the device. If you’re not such a person, this post is for you.

Phones are necessary but investing hundreds of dollars to purchase that 5-inch smart gadget isn’t the only way. If you’re a low-income families, we know how you struggle to survive by managing monthly bills. Of course, it is a part of life. But, how far do you manage life?

If you’re really in need of a phone, to help the poor, many government programs and Lifeline service providers are offering phones for the eligible candidates under the Lifeline government-sponsored program in the United States. Qlink Wireless is one such Lifeline service provider offering QLink Wireless phones at Walmart at affordable prices.

Let’s dive further into the post to know how to get QLink Wireless phones at Walmart with affordable prices.


What is QLink Wireless?

QLink Wireless is an American telecommunications company based in Dania, Florida. It operates as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) under the Hello Mobile brand. And the Universal Service Fund funds this program.

The company provides free wireless services including wireless voice, messaging, and data services to all the Lifeline eligible consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal land through the Lifeline government-sponsored program in the United States. Low-income earners who are eligible for Lifeline or who participated in SNAP/Medicaid can get QLink Wireless phones at Walmart.

A plethora of models from popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and many more are available to choose from. And are 100% compatible with QLink Wireless.


What Carriers are Compatible With Qlink Wireless?

QLink Wireless provides free wireless services to all Lifeline-eligible consumers under T-Mobile. But, the cell phones from Qlink do not come with a SIM card or a Memory card and they’re only limited to 3G CMDA networks. Therefore, to make them work and connect online, you hardly need a SIM card.

Here, the bad news is that these handsets can only work well on CMDA networks, not on GSM networks. And the good news is that you can unlock your QLink Wireless and use it on other CMDA networks such as Sprint(4G LTE and 5G under T-Mobile). In addition to these networks, other carriers that are compatible with QLink Wireless are Verizon and US Cellular.

Note: Today, the newer phones which are 4G LTE based are coming with SIM card support and luckily, QLink is offering a free SIM card for newer models.

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How Do I Know If My Phone Is Compatible With Qlink Wireless?

To figure out that your phone is compatible with QLink Wireless, follow the steps as detailed.

  1. First, copy the ESN, MEID, or IMEI number of your handset.
  2. Visit qlinkwireless.com/byop.aspx from here.
  3. Finally, paste the ESN, MEID, or IMEI number of the handset you copied and check the compatibility with QLink.

Once you check the compatibility, the service provider will inform you whether you need a SIM card or not. If your handset needs a SIM card, they will ship it to you for free of charge. If not, your handset will be activated on the spot.

However, if you want to proceed directly, reach out to QLink’s customer care team and ask them to help you out by dialing 1-855-754-6543. Talk to the professional and ask if your device is compatible with the service provider or not.


Do Walmart Sell Qlink Compatible Phones?

Walmart is a reputable retail store that sells almost all types of models from most of the brands including phones that are compatible with QLink. But, QLink doesn’t sell any phones on Walmart directly, instead, you can find a plethora of BYOP-eligible phones for QLink Wireless since each phone comes with 100% compatibility to QLink Wireless. This, unlock and connect.

The QLink phones for sale at Walmart from the brands listed above are as follows..

  • Samsung Galaxy A01 DUOS Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone
  • Apple iPhone 8 GSM unlocked 4G LTE phone
  • Apple iPhone 7 unlocked
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked
  • Samsung Galaxy s9+ unlocked
  • Google Pixel 2 unlocked
  • Motorola Moto g5 plus and
  • Moto G9+ unlocked

Present, these are eight unlocked models of QLink phones for sale at Walmart. 

Newer models may arrive in the future.

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Does Walmart sell Qlink SIM cards?

Walmart is a retail store. It doesn’t keep QLink Wireless phones or QLink SIM cards for sale at Walmart

Qlink is a Lifeline service provider. If you meet their eligibility criteria, you’ll get a free SIM card kit at no fee. They don’t even charge you for the transportation. 

So, if you want a SIM card, first, get your QLink-compatible phone from Walmart. Then, Qlink will provide a free SIM card kit via the QLink BYOP program. 

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Does Qlink Wireless Support Bring Your Own Phone Program?

Under BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone Program) QLink allows customers the option to bring their own mobile phones as long as they are compatible with the carrier. 

To start using your device under this service, turn it on and make sure that it is compatible with the QLink Wireless Prepaid or Lifeline Service that offers a free government smartphone. 

However, to get rid of your old SIM, insert the new SIM card kit you received from Qlink and do a network reset. Upon activating, it will automatically connect to available Q Link networks.


Can I Upgrade My QLink Phone At Walmart

The answer is yes. You can upgrade your QLink Wireless phone at Walmart with either AT&T or Verizon on walmart.com from a full line of models including the latest released iPhone models to premium Android models. If not, you can do it by visiting the nearest store in your location or anywhere with a dedicated wireless expert. 

You’re lucky to have this feature. Because Walmart brought this feature in recent years. Earlier, it had no connection with QLink wireless services. People buy QLink Wireless phones at Walmart and activate them to QLink through the Qlink BYOP program. Later upgrade it through the QLink upgrade program.

Can I Put My Qlink Wireless Sim Card On Another Phone?

Yes, at present there are no compatibility issues with the device and SIM card since the currently released phones are now allowing multiple SIM cards from different operators. So, if you buy QLink phones for sale at Walmart recently, you can place your QLink Wireless SIM card in another phone without worrying about compatibility issues. 

However, if your current SIM card is not compatible with the device, order a SIM card kit from Qlink. No incurring charges or shipping fees will be collected. So, get it and insert it into your device.


Features to Look Before Buying Qlink Wireless Compatible Phones at Walmart

From the above lines, you’ve seen all the models of QLink wireless phones at Walmart. But, before you buy the phone, you’ve to make sure that the device you own is compatible with QLink Wireless. Because Walmart also sells other models of phones that are not compatible with Qlink. Therefore, you have to be very careful while buying a Qlink Wireless phone from Walmart. 

To know what has to be considered before buying Qlink Wireless compatible phones at Walmart, check the factors we’ve outlined for you to consider.

  • Check IMEI Number

Every mobile released in the market has a unique IMEI number which is most important. If you’re going to purchase, the first and foremost thing you’ve to do is to ask the person selling these phones at Walmart about the IMEI number. It helps you check whether the device model you’ve selected is compatible with the QLink wireless services. If compatible, you can use it with the Qlink Wireless BYOP option

  • Security

You don’t have to worry about security since all the popular mobile brands are now focusing well on security to protect users’ privacy and data. Today, almost all devices are coming with Fingerprint sensors and Face IDs and are working precisely. 

  • Battery

Go for the model with a more mAh battery. To use the device all day, a bigger battery helps you seamlessly play games, and watch videos, and lets you do more in every aspect without any warnings. So, mostly go for the device loaded with at least a 3500mAh li-ion battery. But, if you like a model with a small battery, choose based on your usage requirements.

  • Price

It all depends on your requirement. At Walmart, you find a plethora of models from multiple brands with prices starting from $80 to $400. Based on your requirement and usage, you can go for either Android or iOS. Budget-friendly handsets are also available. If you wanna give them a try, choose the model that best suits your budget. 

  • Reliability and Durability

The last and most important key feature. Storage, RAM, and processor used in the smartphone are enough to declare that the phone best suits for gaming or for general usage. The time period of software updates also plays a vital role. So, try to pick a phone with a high spec score.

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When it comes to durability, there is no need to look deeper since the build quality of newer phones is good.

Final Words

Android and iPhone both offer the utmost features but there is a lot of difference in price. As a low-income earner, if you’re in need of a phone for normal usage, go for the Android and pick the best one with a high spec score. 

So, without investing hundreds of dollars for that pocket computer, go for the one available at an affordable price. 

Don’t worry, under Qlink Wireless, each and every single dollar you earn with struggle gets back to you.