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19 Ways Grants for High School Diploma Online (Check This First!)

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In this article, we will be sharing with you all the different ways to Get Grants for High School diplomas online instantly. You can easily apply for financial aid for a high school diploma online using the below guide.

Education is one of the most essential aspects of human life. But with changing times, the pandemic, and other advancements in technology coupled with other similar factors, there are different ways of education today. It will not be an exaggeration to say that education has shifted online nowadays.

But it is not exactly affordable for everyone to get online education as it involves other tools like a laptop, mobile phone, or free tablet by the government and a stable internet connection. This can thus become a hurdle for many. But do not worry, as there are various grants for online high school diploma education that you can use. Keep reading further to know more.

Grants for High School Diploma Online

Given below are the various grants for high school diploma online and other related aspects of it. We have also mentioned the way to get a free laptop for online education. Read below to know more.

Here we have mentioned the top grants for Online High School diploma and different organizations and programs which can help you get a high school diploma online.

  • James Madison

The first one on our list today is James Madison which is a Norcross, GA-based free online high school diploma providing school accredited by AdvancED, DEAC, and CHEA and has over 24 courses for the diploma that includes English, biology, American history, and world geography.

The fee for tuition is nearly 0% interest monthly payments as low as $49 every month. But if no high school credits are completed, then you will have to pay $1,799. For the completed 9th grade, the fee is $1,439. For the 10th completed grade, the fee is $1,079, and for the 11th, it is $779.

  • Excel High School

Excel High School is a Plymouth, MN-based high school that offers free online high school diploma for adults. The school is accredited by AdvancED and offers courses in various streams like language,  fine arts, world languages, mathematics, science, AP, health, social science, and electives.

The school has a standard diploma of 21.5 credits for full-time. It becomes 4 to 6 for every course. In order to complete the courses, you will have to take 12 weeks. The monthly tuition fee for unlimited courses is  $99.

  • Park City Independent

Park City Independent is a fully accredited and nationally recognized online high school for adults, which is located in Scottsdale, AZ. The school required the completion of 6 credits. The best part about this school is that it is open to students in the US as well as from all across the world.

  • Franklin Virtual High School

Franklin Virtual High School is yet another high school offering a High school diploma online. The school is accredited by DEAC and AdvancED. The best part about this school is that it monitors the learning of the student across the course and also gives them extra resources in the curriculum. The courses also include various activities which can help you further in learning.

  • North Dakota Center For Distance Education (NDCDE)

North Dakota Center For Distance Education is a Non-profit distance education school where you can get a free high school diploma online. The institute offers courses in various sectors like mathematics, social studies, science, music, technical education, English, health careers, physical education and health, world languages, family and consumer science, business education, agriculture, aerospace, general education, agriculture FFA and SAE, art, computer education, etc.

  • Career Online High School (COHS)

Career Online High School is an online education platform that is the first-ever free high school diploma online, offering a school for adults that is accredited. Along with the high school diploma, the students can also go for career certification from this institute. All the students are assigned an academic coach.

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The school has collaborated with libraries across the country to provide free online high school diploma for adults. The credit load for this program is 18 credits. The transfer credits are accepted for over 14 courses.

  • Texas Success Academy

Texas Success Academy, Arlington, TX, is yet another well-known online school having a license from the Texas Education Agency and AdvancED. The students are given all the classes at once and can study at their own speeds.

The tuition system is somewhat like this – students with 0-11.5 credits pay $1,005 for 8 months. And the students with more than 11.5 credits pay $905 or $105 per month for nine months.

  • Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS)

Virtual Learning Academy offers full-time and part-time online virtual learning for high school and middle school students. The school is accredited by the New Hampshire state board of education. The students have to pay fees for tuition depending on the time taken to complete the course. The 4-week plan will cost around $110, and 15 weeks would be $350.

  • Middleton Academy

Middleton Academy is an institution located in Woodbridge, VA, that offers a high school diploma and is accredited by DEAC and AdvancED. Middleton Academy courses offered will cost you $325 for full-credit courses and $2000 for every half-credit course. The students here are in private, public, and academic schools and from grades 9 to 12.

  • Penn foster

Penn foster is one of the well-known Private Schools located in Pennsylvania. The school is accredited by the association of schools and colleges of the secondary school’s commission as well as AdvancED. It offers education for high school adults and students.

The school also offers vocational training online with various programs like pharmacy technician, plumbing, electricity health, information technology, and so on. The school also has ties with different career schools, universities, job corporations, and so on.

  • The Keystone High School

The Keystone High School, which is located in Bloomsburg, PA, is known for offering a standard pathway for students having more than 12 transfer credits. In order to complete one course, the students can take at least 8 weeks or, at the most 12 weeks.

The school is licensed by the State Board of Private and Licensed Schools, AdvancED, and Commonwealth of the PA. The tuition fee for a high school diploma online is $399 for every course in the case of the standard pathway. It is $1,485 for an accelerated pathway. You are also given payment plans of 4, 7, 9, and 12 months.

  • Mizzou k-12 High School

Mizzou k-12 High School, located in Columbia, MO is one of the most well-known high schools that offer free online high school diploma for adults. The school has a license from AdvancED and offers various courses in streams like science, maths, social studies, English, physical education, practical arts, health, electives, world languages, and so on. The fee for tuition is $500 for each course.

  • Clintondale Virtual School

Clintondale Virtual School is yet another one of the most popular online schools which are located in Clinton Township, MI that offer educational programs for high school students and allow them to take a high school class within 8 weeks.

The best part about this program is that the students can enroll in it at any time of the year. The classes are available with access 24/7. The cost of tuition at this school for a free online high school diploma is $200-$250 for each course.

  • University of Mississippi High School (UHMS)

The next one on the list is the University of Mississippi High School. This free online high school is meant for adults, and as you can tell, it is based on the University of Mississippi.

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This school is licensed by AdvancED and offers various courses like English, fine arts, health, arts, social studies, technology, foreign languages, mathematics, business, science, physical education, and other courses.

  • University of Nebraska High School

University of Nebraska High School is located in Lincoln, NE, and has a  license from the Nebraska Department of education as well as the AdvancED. There are over more than 100 core, AP, elective as well as dual enrollment courses at this school. For non-residents, the tuition fee is $200 per course, and for the residents, it is $150 per course.

  • The Whitmore School

This Whitemore school is known for being the first-ever online high school in Morgantown, WV. This school has licensed from AdvancED and has collaborated with different high schools across the country for the betterment of students.

In this school, the students can earn 6 credits every year, and the cost of tuition is $1499 for 12 months. The best part is the school has various payment plans that can help you pay in installments.

  • Orion High School

Yet another one on our list of top high school diploma online is Orion High School which is located in Midland, TX. The school is licensed by the AdvancED as well as the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission. For adults, the full-time fee is $1750 per year.

  • Liberty High School

Liberty high school is situated in Brattleboro, Vermont, and is very well known for offering free online high school diploma for adults. The school has permission from the Vermont state board of education as well as the better business bureau.

If you are someone who could not finish their high school education at any traditional American High school, then this is the option you need to go for. The school offers a high school diploma for people above the age of 18 years. You will need to pay a down payment of $300 for this school program.

  • Brigham Young University

Last but not least, Brigham Young University is one of the most well-known online schools that is located in Provo, UT. The school is licensed by AdvancED, and it offers free online high school diploma for adults.

You can opt for courses like fine arts, humanities, international and area studies, education, business, engineering, etc. The cost of tuition at Brigham Young University is  $148-$170 per course.

Types of Grants for High School Diploma Online

  • Academic grants

If you are sure about the type of academic discipline that you want to study further, then you can take financial aid for a high school diploma online. This can be helpful for those students who have narrowed down their academic options to a particular discipline.

  • Merit-based

As the name itself clarifies, this grant is meant for those students who score A grades and also have extracurricular awards and activities. If you are active in various extracurriculars or leadership positions, then you can apply for such grants, provided that you are a merit student. The fundamental demand for this grant is that the student has a good balance of educational and extracurricular life.

  • Professional Association Grants

Professional Association Grants are those grants which are made through an annual budget by various professional associations, workshops, networking, mentorships, and so on. One of the examples of these types of grants is Career One Top which is sponsored by the US Labor Department.

  • Corporate Grants

Corporate Grants are those grants which are offered by many well-known companies like Coca-Cola, PnG, etc. Such grants are applicable to both working and non-working individuals. Mostly they are offered to the partners, employees, and the children or spouses of employees.

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You can check the major corporations out there for such grants. In case your parents work at such companies, then you can ask them to check for any grants for a high school diploma online. You can also ask your guidance counselor for help with colleges and grants.

  • Need-based grants

Need-based grants are those grants which are offered by the Federal government. These grants offer either full or partial tuition coverage depending on the financial needs of the applicant.

Other factors, like the total cost of attendance and expected family contribution, etc., will determine your qualification for the grants. You can fill in the FAFSA application in order to apply for the need-based grant.

Who Provides Financial aid for high school diploma online

You might be wondering who would bear the cost of a high school diploma online for so many students. As a student, it is obvious to have such questions. Well, there are a number of organizations involved that help in providing financial aid for high school diplomas online.

Public & federal grants

The US education department offers grants as well as financial aid all across the country. Every year over $150 billion are offered as loans, grants, and work-study funds that support over 15 million students all across the nation.

One of the most well-known grants for education is Pell Grant which can be applied for from the FAFSA application. By filling out this form, you will be considered for Pell as well as other Federal Grants. According to the need of the applicant, this grant can pay $976 to $5,350.

State grants

Just like the federal grants, you also have State Grants. In case you are not eligible for Federal Grants, you can always go for state grants. Generally, state grants are merit-based, but these criteria can depend on various parameters according to different states.

Institutional Grants

Institutional Grants are those grants that are offered directly by the college or university of study by the name of institutional aid. Such grants are more popular at private colleges or universities. Unlike the state and federal grants, these grants depend on the university; hence the criteria for selection too differ accordingly.

Private Grants

These types of grants are the least known as they are offered by certain private entities and are not available as scholarships on the internet.

You can find such grants on the website of private organizations. You can also check the websites of organizations of the profession you are planning to go ahead in or various groups based on ethnicity, hobbies, religion, etc.

Concluding Words

I hope with the above article, you all can easily understand how to Get Grants for Online High School Diploma, and we can answer How to Earn a High School Diploma Online for Free.

I am assuming that you have already picked up the best online school for yourself and also considered the various types of grants for an online high school diploma.

In case of any doubts, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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