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How to Get free T-Mobile EBB Tablet (2023)

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It goes without saying that smartphones, tablets, laptops, and telecommunication services especially the internet have become a very crucial aspect of our lives. nowadays it is quite difficult to imagine someone without these amenities. These technologies have become irreplaceable parts of our day-to-day activities.

Not everyone is privileged enough to have these resources with them. but this does not or should not mean that they should leave life without these vital necessities. Otherwise, the digital divide or gap will only deepen.

With a view to helping people in getting access to technology and telecommunication services, the Federal government in assistance with various service providers offers free, smartphones, tablets, etc. to low-income families and people in need. 

The necessity of these devices especially came into the light when the world was struck by the Covid-19 Pandemic which forced all the usual activities to be shifted to the online mode. And hence to cope with the increasing need, especially for low-income and vulnerable groups of people, the government announced the Emergency Broadband Benefits (EBB) program.

Various well-known service providers such as Assurance Wireless, T-Mobile, TruConnect Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Standup Wireless, TracFone Wireless, QLink Wireless, etc participate in the EBB program to help low-income families and less fortunate students to get access to technology. 

Eligible people can apply for EBB benefits program for any of the service providers that participate in it to get free EBB tablets, smartphones, Laptops, and other benefits and discounts on cell phone bills and plans. 

If you are willing to know, how to get a T-mobile EBB Free tablet, then we would recommend you to stick to this page till the end to know the eligibility for free T-Mobile EBB tablets, how to apply for T-mobile free tablets, and other useful information about this assistance program.

What is EBB?

If you are wondering what EBB or the Emergency Broadband Benefits program is, then the EBB program is a temporary assistance program that was announced during the Covid-19 Pandemic to help low-income families and needy people to get access to high-speed internet services and technology devices to continue with their lives in the online mode. 

This program was to last only during the period of the pandemic or at most six months after the pandemic. However, this program was later on replaced with a long-term permanent telecommunication services assistance program by the name – Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). 

Through the EBB program, eligible households can get free T-Mobile tablets as well as other benefits such as discounts on Cell phone plans and more. A lot of well-known service providers such as T-Mobile, TracFone Wireless, StanUp Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, etc. offer assistance through this program. 

Does T-Mobile Offer EBB Free Tablets?

Yes, T-Mobile is a participant of the EBB/ACP benefits program. And so it offers free tablets as well as various other benefits and discounts on cell phone plans. They generally offer two types of EBB plans which are as follows – 

  1. No cost Franklin T9 hotspot–  This plan comes with 10GB of high-speed internet data. This can be a great option for those working for learning from home for those households using data through their already available devices such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets.
  2. No-Cost Tablet – The no-cost tablet option would be ideal for those who do not have devices such as laptops or tablets and their home. With this option, the Eligible households will receive a free T-mobile EBB tablet along with unlimited data from the service provider, in this case, T-Mobile. You generally get 20 GB of hotspot data and the tablet given by T-Mobile would either be Alcatel Joy Tab 2 or a Moxee tablet.

How to Get T-Mobile EBB Tablet?

It is actually quite easy to get a free T-Mobile tablet if you meet the criteria of eligibility. To help you out with the process to apply for T-Mobile tablet EBB, given below is the detailed information about the eligibility for T-Mobile EBB tablet, the documents you might require to apply for the program as well as a step-by-step process to apply for the program.

Make sure to go through all these details so as to not miss out on any of the important steps. 

Eligibility for T-Mobile EBB Tablet

In order to be eligible for t mobile tablet program, you must eat the criteria of eligibility. This will ensure that your application will be considered for the EBB tablet program. You can also check the official website of ACP/EBB to know the details of the eligibility criteria and not miss out on any of the important points. You must meet ANY ONE of the below requirements. 

  • You must be an eligible lifeline participant and enrolled in any of the federal assistance programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Veterans Assistance Program, etc
  • You must be a beneficiary of the reduced price or free breakfast or lunch program.
  • You must be a recipient of the Federal Pell Grant in the current year.
  • You must have lost your business or job since February 29, 2020. 
  • You must be eligible to participate in any of the COVID-19 programs. 
  • You must be a participant in the Lifeline Assistance Program. 
  • You must be a participant in any of the tribal programs such as Head Start, Bureau of Indian Affairs general assistance, TANF for tribal families, etc.

Documents required to apply for T-Mobile EBB Tablet

Now that you are aware of the criteria of eligibility for T-Mobile freebie tablet, you might be wondering about the documents that you would need to submit to qualify for the program.

Generally, for financial assistance or benefits programs, the applicants are required to submit documents as proof of what has been mentioned in their application forms. This ensures that no fraudulent or fake persons can benefit from such programs and that the available resources are allotted to those in genuine need of it.

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To help you to understand and give an idea of what documents should be required for the application process, below is the list of important documents that you must keep ready with yourself – 

  • Indeed, to apply for an EBB T-mobile free tablet, one must be at least 18 years of age or an emancipated minor. In case of the latter, you will have to provide an Official Document of certification that proves your status as an emancipated minor.
  • Document as proof of identity.  this could be your social security number, driver’s license, passport, state ID, individual taxpayer identification number, tribal identification number, us military ID, or similar government-authorized identification.
  • You must provide a document that would include your physical address. This could be your driver’s license, utility bill, state government or tribal ID, tax return, mortgage or released statement, or the recent W-2.
  • In case you are eligible for T-Mobile free EBB tablet through the income criteria, then you will have to submit a document that would state that your annual household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty guidelines. This document could either be a paycheck stub, current income statement from the employer, social security statement of benefits, the last year’s federal, state, or tribal tax return, Veterans Administration statement of benefits, or similar such documents.
  • In case you have eligibility for the program based on Federal assistance program participation, then you will have to submit a document that proves that you are currently a participant of any of the federally assisted government programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, TANF, etc.
  • If you are someone who is qualifying for the program based on a substantial loss of income then you will be required to submit a document that shows a loss of income because of job loss since February 29, 2020.

The documents that need to be submitted might vary from time to time. You can further check the official website of the FCC to get in-depth information about the documents that will be required while applying for the EBB T-mobile program.

Generally, if you are filling the form online you will have to attach the documents in a soft copy format. Or if you are sending them via mail then you can send copies of your original documents. Make sure to NEVER send your original documents via mail.

How to Apply for T-Mobile EBB Tablet?

If you want to know how to Get T-Mobile EBB Tablet, then here is a detailed a step by step guide to show you how to apply for T-Mobile ABB free tablet. But before you apply for this program, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria otherwise your application will not be considered further on. You can refer to the above “Eligibility for T-Mobile EBB Tablet” section to check if you are eligible for this program.

Once you have made sure that you are eligible, ensure that you have all the documents ready with you for submitting the application. You can refer to the above ‘Documents required to apply for T-Mobile EBB Tablet‘ section and check the list of documents you might need to apply for the T-mobile benefits program.

Assuming that you have followed all the prerequisites, you can now apply for T-Mobile EBB by following the below steps-

Step 1. Go to the official website of EBB FCC or USAC and apply for EBB program. You can do so by filling out the online application form at https://www.affordableconnectivity.gov/. Make sure to submit it along with all the required documents.  

apply for EBB program

Step 2. After filling out the form, you will be accepted into the National Verifier and will receive an application that is approved. This may take 30 minutes to 3 days for approval or decline. 

Step 3. Now go to the official website of T-Mobile and submit the enrollment form via T-Mobile if your application has been approved.

Step 4. Make sure to go through all the instructions on the T-Mobile web page while enrolling in or EBB program. Once read, click on the ‘Submit’ button to proceed ahead. 

go through all the instructions

All the further communication will be delivered to you via mail. When your application gets approved, you will be informed by T-Mobile and your request will be processed soon. Your tablet will be shipped in 5 to 7 working days to your address.

What tablets does T-Mobile EBB offer?

In most cases, and as of now, the T-mobile EBB tablet can be any of the below two options – 

  1. A Moxee Tablet
  2. Or Alcatel Joy Tab 2

If you want to know about the other tablets that T-mobile offers at cheaper prices or discounted prices, then currently you have the below options – 

T-Mobile Tablet EBBPrice
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G$25.00 a month for 24 months and a $69.99 down payment.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite$8.34 a month for 24 months and a $0.00 down payment.
Apple iPad Air$30.00 a month for 24 months and $9.99 as a down payment.
Moxee Tablet$7.00 a month for 24 months with NO Down Payment.

Note that, the various Deals And offers on tablets at T-Mobile change frequently and hence it would be better if you check their official website for the latest Deals And offers on tablets – t-mobile.com/tablets/deals/special-offer.

Things you need to Consider When Getting Your T-Mobile EBB Tablet

 If you are eligible and have qualified for EB free mobile tablet, then here are some things that you should keep in mind by selecting your free tablet. 

  • Battery – First of all, make sure that the tablet you are getting for yourself has good battery power. Needless to say, a long-lasting battery would always be preferred for a seamless experience. A single charge should go for multiple hours for a convenient experience.  Not only does this conserve energy but also saves your efforts and it would be helpful in times when you are traveling or when power is not available.
  • Storage – If you are getting a tablet of your own then you would require it to keep your essential videos, content, documents, applications, and so on. But if you do not have proper storage then you might face issues such as lagging and insufficient memory. This can be quite annoying later on then you might have to transfer the data on your tablet to some other device
  • Screen – See that the tablet you are getting has a proper screen that can support various activities such as watching videos, playing games as well as reading. Once you get a free tablet, a lot of your time would be spent on looking at the screen of your tablet so make sure that it is comfortable and has a high resolution for a better display.
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What are Plans Eligible For The ACP at T-Mobile?

One can get various ACP benefits through the all-Metro by T-Mobile plans that come with smartphone data. You can always check their official website to get more details on the benefits available through ACP or you can also call their customer care number at 1-800-937-8997.


The most commonly available benefits of ACP at T-Mobile are as follows –

  1. You can get unlimited talk time and text messages with over 10GB of high-speed internet data for just $10 monthly. Or you can opt for unlimited talk time, text messages, and high-speed data if you switch to Metro by T-Mobile for activating via Walmart.
  2. The next plan is for $20 per month which includes unlimited text messages, talk time as well as up to 50 high-speed hotspot data, and 100GB of Google One cloud storage.
  3. The next upgrade of Metro T-mobile ACP benefits includes unlimited talk time, text messages, and high-speed internet with over 15 GB of high-speed hotspot data and 100GB of Google cloud storage. Not just that but you also get an Amazon Prime subscription valued at $12.99 per month. This plan costs just $30 each month. 

Apart from these existing Metro by T-Mobile, plans the customers can also get a $30 monthly discount via ACP in addition to their current wireless plan that includes data.

Other Benefits of T-Mobile EBB Program

Through the T-mobile EBB program, one can get a free T-mobile tablet as well as various other benefits such as a free hotspot. One can also receive various discounts and offers on their wireless data plans from the service provider.

Eligible households can also get a temporary discount of over $50 per month on broadband services. This amount can go up to $75 per month for households on tribal lands.

Using the T-Mobile EBB ACP benefits program, eligible households and low-income families can get a chance to stay connected with their close ones without having to worry about phone bills. Not just that but certainly you can seek various job opportunities online as well as continue with virtual classrooms and get more information and increase your knowledge base.

Having a tablet or smartphone of your own when you cannot afford it all by yourself, can be a great boon as it helps you to stay connected to not just people but also various services such as emergency or general Health Care as well as various other emergency services. 

Is there any Other Way to Get T-Mobile Free Tablets?

Yes, there are various other service providers such as Assurance Wireless, Qlink Wireless, TracFone Wireless, TruConnect Wireless, enTouch Wireless, etc. that offer free tablets and other benefits of the EBB program such as discounts and offers on wireless data plans.

You can either search for such service providers who participate in federal programs such as Lifeline Assistance Program, Emergency Broadband Benefits Program, or ACP. Or you can also Get An Emergency Broadband Benefit Free Tablet with EBT Food Stamps. 

If you are a participant of the Medicaid Insurance program, then also you can get How To Get A Free Tablet With Medicaid

What If I Don’t Qualify For T-Mobile EBB?

It is quite obvious that not everyone would be able to qualify for T-Mobile EBB program since there are a lot of participants applying for the same. In case you are not eligible for T-Mobile EBB or do not qualify for the T-Mobile EBB program, then do not worry as you will still be able to get a tablet at a cheaper price at T-mobile.

You can check the official website of t mobile at t-mobile.com/tablets/deals/special-offer to get amazing discounts and special offers at the provider. 

Apart from T-mobile, there are multiple other EBB ACP providers that offer free tablets or tablets at a cheaper price, such as – Assurance wirelessTruConnect wireless, Qlink wireless, and so on. Make sure to check these service providers as well.  

Does T-Mobile Offer Lifeline Program?

Along with the EBB program by FCC, T-Mobile also provides the Lifeline Program by FCC. T-mobile offers a Lifeline program for low-income families. The lifeline program by T-Mobile is available in 7 states – Kentucky, Mississippi, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington, Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

Can I Choose My EBB Provider?

Yes, generally T-Mobile almost always has various Smartphone and tablet deals going on which can be known from their official website. Apart from T-mobile, other network services to offer phone deals. You can check the official websites of these service providers to get updated information on the ongoing deals. 

Which states get T-Mobile EBB tablet?

If you did not already know, T-mobile is one of the network service providers that operate all across the United States. Hence, you will find this service in almost all the states of the US. 

How are the T-Mobile Lifeline and the EBB Different?

Can my T-Mobile EBB tablet application get declined?

If you are eligible for a T-Mobile EBB tablet, it is quite difficult for your application to decline. But if you have entered incorrect information or faked any documents of proof, then chances are that your application will get declined. 

Is the T-Mobile EBB only Open To U.S. Citizens?

No, the T-Mobile EBB program is available for all US residents.

How will I know if I successfully enrolled T-Mobile EBB Tablet?

When you have enrolled for the T-Mobile EBB Free tablet, and the process is completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation SMS or email from the authorities which will describe the status of your application and if you will be receiving the EBB discounts and offers.

Usually, eligible people will get these discounts and they will be applied to the account in 1 to 2 cycles of billing. If you will be receiving your free EBB T-Mobile tablet, then you will be notified when exactly you will be receiving the tablet. T-Mobile will contact you in case of any important communication that needs to be done.

Can I Apply for T-Mobile EBB If I Have a Past Due Balance With The Provider?

Yes, if you are eligible for the program, then you can still apply for EBB T-Mobile even if you have a past-due balance or balance in the collections.

Are there any Restrictions on T-Mobile EBB Program?

Yes, there are certain restrictions for the T-Mobile EBB program. A lot of Government or Federal assisted programs generally have certain rules and regulations and T-Mobile EBB tablet assistance is no exception to this. Given below are the restrictions for EBB T-Mobile – 

– There can be only one EBB free tablet for benefits for each household.
– The EBB wireless discounted service cannot be transferred
– In case you or your family member already receive EBB benefits from another EBB service provider, then you will not be eligible to get the EBB benefits from any other service provider.

These are the only commonly known restrictions to apply for the T-Mobile EBB tablet program.  Make sure that you are not in any of these circumstances before applying for free EBB tablet.

Does T-Mobile Free Tablet Promotion Still Continue?

T-Mobile free tablets will be available to eligible households as long as the EBB program by FCC is continued. This program is likely to end once the pandemic is over since it was started with the objective to help people in tough times. However other T-Mobile offers and deals will still be available even if the EBB program is closed.

Do I Get the T-Mobile EBB Credit Forever?

Unfortunately, NO, the EBB program is temporary in nature so the team mobile EBB benefits will also be shut down when the EBB program is terminated. However, you will certainly be notified by the T-Mobile service provider in case the EBB program is canceled. So you can decide then whether or not you want to continue with the service and pay the original amount.

Can another member of my household get T-Mobile EBB tablet?

No, if you are already a participant of the T-Mobile EBB program, then no other member of your household can get the same benefits. This is because the assistance offered under this EBB program is limited to just one beneficiary for each household and it is also not transferable to any other member. If you already have a T-Mobile EBB tablet then you will not be eligible to get another one. 

How Do I Get My EBB Credit If I Have Prepaid Service With T-Mobile?

When the benefits of the EBB program are applicable to your prepaid account, the cost of your plan will automatically be reduced as per the EBB discount but the service you receive will be just the same.

Who Is Eligible for T-Mobile Free Internet For Low Income?

Low-income families who are either customer of T-mobile, Assurance, Metro, or Sprint are eligible for T-Mobile free internet. Also, small businesses whose accounts are registered with their social security number are eligible for EBB internet benefits.

Can Retirees Apply for the T-Mobile EBB?

Yes, retirees can apply for the T-mobile EBB program, provided that they fulfill the criteria of eligibility for the program. You can refer to the ‘Eligibility for T-Mobile EBB Tablet’ section above to know if you are eligible for the program or not.

How can I apply for a T-Mobile EBB tablet?

You can apply for the T-Mobile EBB tablet through the official T-mobile website. This will be the fastest and easiest way to apply for free T-Mobile EBB tablet. You can also visit the physical stores of T-Mobile to apply for the program if you are comfortable with this approach. 

Closing Words

That was it all about free EBB T-mobile tablet. T-Mobile is one of the most well-known service providers that offer nationwide coverage. This network provider also participates in the lifeline assistance program as well as the EBB/ACP Benefits program to help low-income families and needy people in getting access to technology and internet services at affordable prices.

Eligible households can apply for their free tablet program as well as get various other benefits such as discounts on cell phone plans. There certainly will be a minimal fee for these programs but it will be much cheaper and affordable for many.

In case you have any questions or doubts, you can reach out to us in the comments below. We will be glad to help you out!