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10 Places To Get Free Air for Your Tires

Get Free Air for Your Tires
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It can get quite difficult to maintain your car or vehicle with the gas prices and inflation being on an all-time high. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to find each and every means that you can to save up on various expenses. If you own a car, you might already know that there are several expenses associated with it.

You have to constantly fill in the gas, send your car for regular maintenance to the garage, change the oiling car washing, fill air in the tires, and much more. All of this can result into a huge expenditure. Hence, it would only be sensible for you to try and get as many things as you can for free or at a cheap price, such as free air for your tires.


How to Get Free Air for Your Tires (2024)

It is possible to get free air for your tires by using a number of ways, such as visiting a gas station, going to a grocery store, at a tire shop, or even your car dealership. Gas Stations like QuickChek, WaWa, Gate, Rutters, etc., offer free air for your tires. 

Many ways are using which one can get free air for tires. We have included all the places that we know offer free air for tires. You can read the below article to get detailed information about the same.

Gas Station

The easiest and cheapest way to get free air for Tire is to find a gas station. Any person with a vehicle would certainly stop at a gas station. Thus they can get easy access to free air for the tires. If you are filling the air in your tires at a gas station, you would not have to go out of your way to get a simple chore done. 

It would be not only convenient for you but also free or at a very cheap price. Do not worry about filling the air by yourself into the tires; it is actually quite easy. We have included a short tutorial at the end of this article on How to fill air in tires. 

In case you are a resident of Connecticut or California, then you will easily get free air for tires at all the gas stations. This is because, in these states, the law makes it mandatory for all gas stations to provide an air pump free of cost. All you need to do is go to the nearby gas station and fill free air in tires. 

  • Rutters

Rutter’s Gas-station is also a convenience-store chain that offers packaged and made-to-order foods like sandwiches and salads along with coffee & smoothies. They have over 82 locations in West Virginia, Central Maryland, Central Pennsylvania, and more places.

  • QuickChek

QuickChek is yet another gas station that provides free air for tires. This gas has its presence in New Jersey and New York. They are present in over 150 locations and are expanding continuously. You can also indulge in other services and products provided by quick access EV charging, fuel, food, and much more.

  • Wawa

Wawa is a well-known American gas station and convenience store chain that offers its products and services along the east coast. It has around 900 locations as of 2020 and is expanding now.

  • Gate

Gate is a popular gas station plus convenience store that operates in multiple locations across Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. You can get various services at Gate, such as wash level at the pump, vacuum areas, food items from the fresh kitchen, and much more.

Some other gas stations that offer free air for your tires are – KwikTrip, Co-op, Pilot truck stop, Kroger, QuickTrip, Getgo, Sheetz, Kum&Go, Stewart’s Shop, Family Express, Casey’s, etc.

Free Air for tires using a Bike Pump


You might have already used a bike pump to fill in the air in the tires of your cycle. Did you know that you can also use a bike Pump to fill the air in tires? This would be a great way to compensate for missing out on your workout. Most households generally have a bike pump lying in their garage.

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It is actually quite easy to fill the air in tires for free using a bike pump. But the only downside is that it will require a huge amount of physical labor. If you need to add just a small amount of pressure into your tires, then you can use a bike pump as it is a viable option. However, do you know that this would consume a lot of time?

Most of the bike pumps come with a nozzle that comes with 2 holes and allows the users to inflate both the Presta and Schrader valves. If you have a bike pump already, then you can use this method can be very helpful.

Use Portable Air Compressor

This isn’t a free option to fill the air in tires; using a portable air compressor is actually a good investment. If you have your own portable air compressor, you can keep it either in your vehicle or in the garage. This way, you will not have to rely on external factors to fill the air in your tires, like a gas station or grocery store.

The best part about using an air compressor is that they are not even as expensive. If you buy an air compressor once, you can use it for a very long period of time. They also do not take up a lot of space and are easily portable.

In order to use an Air compressor, all you need to do is plug the compressor into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter and then set the target PSI. the compressible automatic least of filling the air once this target is achieved. See, that’s how easy it is.

You can use this air compressor for a number of reasons, such as filling the air in floaties, bike and other tires, sports balls, and so on. You can get an air compressor on apps like Amazon, where you can also get good discounts through gift cards or coupon codes. You can also ask your friends or neighbors for an air compressor to use and get free air for your tires at times.

Visit FreeAirPump.com

You can guess by the name itself; this website Helps you find places that provide free air for tires. You can find free air near you for free of cost by putting your location on the website. You can also find a bike repair station or bike air pump and free air for Autos with the help of this platform.

The best part about this website is that the constantly update the new places that offer free air and remove the places immediately that do not offer free air. There could be certain mistakes at times since this is a user-generated map, but for the majority of the time, you can easily rely on this website.

Visit – https://www.freeairpump.com/

Go to Oil Change place


One of the amazing places that offer free Air for tires is an oil change place. Among the very few smart people out there, I do not buy air for tires Because we get free air for tires at the oil change place.

If you own a vehicle, you might know that you have to constantly keep changing the oil of your vehicle. It is one of the needs of your automobile that needs to be fulfilled for its well-functioning. So a visit to an oil-changing location is a common phenomenon for many vehicle owners. 

But did you know that you can get free air for your tires at an oil-changing place? At places like Valvoline, you can get your tire inflated through their 18-point maintenance check program. Many other oil-changing places offer free air for your tires. 

You can get free tire pressure checks without the need to purchase an oil change at Pep Boys. Some other places that offer free air for your tires are – Take 5, Grease Monkey, SpeeDee, Jiffy Lube, and more.

Visit a Tire Shop

A tire shop is one of the well-known places that offer air for tires. If you remember the tire shop from where you got tires installed in your vehicle, then you can visit that tire shop to get free air for your tires. 

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There are various tire shops all across the US that have the facility of an air compressor. Even many local tire shops would have an air compressor service that can be used for free.

  • NTB – One of the most popular tire shops out there is NTB, with a presence in over 600 locations and in over 26 states in the US. They are known for their quality service at cheap prices. You can select from a huge collection of tires and various services like maintenance. Free Air Pressure Checks are also one of the services offered.
  • Firestone – Firestone is one of the tire shops that offer free tire checks to see the appropriate tire pressure, the balance of your tires, tread wear and tread depth of the tire. They also check for any tire punctures, which may result in a flat.
  • Sheetz – You can get free air from Sheetz to fill free air in your tires. This shop is present all across the US at 580 locations in states such as Ohio, Appalachia, the Mid-Atlantic area, and Upper South.
  • Just Tires – Just Tires is a tire shop that provides free tire pressure checks, an inspection of signs for damage due to pressure, and similar other things. This shop checks your tires as well as inflates or deflates them as necessary.
  • Discount Tire – Yet another tire shop that is known very well all across the United States that is present in over 38 states and at 1035 locations. In California, this shop is known as America’s Tires. Once you drive near the service bays, you will come across a sign saying ‘Free Air Check’.

Go to Car Dealership

One of the best places to get free air for your tires is through Car Dealership. You could already know that there are a lot of Perks that one may get from their car dealership.

In order to maintain good relations with the customers, a lot of car dealerships offer various vehicle-related services such as free car wash, free oil changes, free air pressure checks, and various services on discounts. 

There is a high chance that you can easily get air for your tires by visiting your car dealership. By simply inflating your tires, they can make their customer happy and also retain them in the long go. The majority of the dealerships will have a service bay where they provide different services to the customers.

Open Your Car Trunk

One time while I was traveling through a highway, I realized that the air pressure in the tires of my recently bought car was not ideal. I went into panic mode because there was nothing of help around.

I just went ahead to open the trunk of my car to see if there was something I could make use of. That is when I came to know that most new cars do not come with spare tires nowadays; however, they do have a tire repair kit that can be used to catch a leak or a workaround to fix the car for the time being.

The repair kits for tire consists of a tire sealant in case of emergency repair and puncture as well as a portable tire inflator. You might also find a small hand pump in place of the inflator. You can use this kit to DIY  repair your tire.

With no other option with me, I had to use the portable Tyre inflator, and trust me, it was quite an easy process, and the air pressure in the tires was back to normal.

If you have a new car, you may try opening the car trunk to see e if you have any such repair kit lying in the back of it.  It can actually be very helpful, especially in case of emergencies.

Check the Wholesale Club Benefits

When I joined the wholesale club, I was not completely aware of the benefits they offer to the members of the club. With time I realized that wholesaler clubs are one of the best places to get free air for tires. You can buy tires and get them serviced as well at these wholesale clubs. Free tire pressure checks and inflating tires are some of the services offered by these clubs.

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Costco – Costco is an enormous membership warehouse club that provides various services Such as quality products, clothing, groceries, and much more in over 8 countries across the globe. They also own a used tire shop that sells and installs a number of tire brands at really affordable prices.

Consequently, they also offer services like free air for your tires for Costco club members. One peculiar thing about Costco is that they provide nitrogen in place of compressed air, which helps the tires retain pressure for a longer period of time. 

Sam’s Club – Another major wholesale membership club is the Sam’s Club which has a wider presence across various countries with over 600 locations. In the club’s automotive department, you can get benefits and services for your automobile requirements.

One can get free air pressure checks as well as services like inflating your tires, provided that you are a member of the Sam’s Club. You can also check the tire tread depth with a number of other services exclusive to the members.

Grocery Store


Grocery stores are one of the best places to get free air for your tires. Wherever you stay, you will certainly find a grocery store near you. But did you know that there are some nearby Stores with Free Air for Tires. Some of the grocery stores might offer free air for tires, whereas others could charge a minimal amount. 


Hy-Vee is one of the most famous midwestern supermarkets that is present in over 280 locations. It has a huge gamut of departments where you can find multiple outlets such as freshly prepared food options, Starbucks, and much more. A lot of the supermarkets also include a gas station adjoining them. This is where you can get free tire air for your vehicle. 


QuikTrip gas stations, which is also known popularly as QT, is a well-known convenience Store that is present in the midwestern, southeastern, and Southern United States. You can visit this store for air pressure checks and inflating your tires for free. 

How to Fill Up Tires

It is totally alright if you are one of those people that are not aware or haven’t yet filled up air in tires. You are not alone! It is actually quite easy to fill air in tires on your own. I have learned it, and so can you!

  • All you need to do is unscrew the cap on your tire.
  • Then insert the air compressor hose connection in the air portal of the tire.
  • Fill in the air till you reach the required PSI.

That’s how easy it is to fill air in tires!

How much does it Cost to fill air in Tires?


The usual cost to inflate tires would be somewhere between $1 and $2. We know that this amount is quite low, but it can add up to the change amount if you use your vehicle more and tend to fill it up on a frequent basis.

In fact, it is recommended by the US Department of Transportation that you check and fill up your tires at least once a month. So if we do the calculation on these lines, you will have to pay for inflating your tires each year to an amount between $12 to $24.

Final thoughts

That was it all about how to get free air for your tires! Filling up the tires of your vehicle does not require more than a few minutes. It is actually a very easy task but very crucial for the proper working of your vehicle. We hope that the above article helped you understand the various ways using which you can get free air for your tires.