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14 Ways to Make Free International Calls (How To Do This!)

Make Free International Calls (How To Do This!)
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If you have friends or relatives living abroad, you will need to contact them regularly. There may be numerous networks that allow you to connect with them at various fees. 

However, if they charge high fees for their services, this cannot be a long-term solution to all of your communication demands. 

You’d have to spend a lot of money simply to hear your loved one’s voice.

Most cell phone plans today do not charge extra for domestic phone calls because they include unlimited minutes and free long distances. 

That is not always the case when you need to contact someone in another country.

To communicate with family, friends, and business clients, there are ways to make free international calls to practically every country in the world.

Calling someone in another country was unusual a few years ago. Technology has made it virtually usual for certain enterprises and families with relations in another country.

How to Make Free International Calls

How to Make Free International Calls

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology allows for free international calls. There are many apps, for ex-, WhatsApp, Skype, LINE, Google Duo, Viber, Google Voice, FaceTime, etc., which are built with VOIP technology and through which you can make a free international call.

To know more about these apps in detail, you can read further.

Here are some of the best ways to do free international calls.


Skype is one of the simplest methods for making free international calls. It has been in use by hundreds of millions of people since 2003! Skype is now a Microsoft division.

You can use Skype by downloading the mobile app for Android or iPhone, using the desktop application, or just accessing Skype on your browser, with no installation required.

A monthly fee will be charged if you need to send text messages or call a cell phone or landline. 

International calls between Skype users are free, but calls between Skype users and regular phones are not.

Skype is a great software that allows for immediate texting and video calling via WiFi. It is easy to use and has a simple interface, making it ideal for beginners. 

It works well on mobile devices, which will increase your productivity and collaboration as you work from home.


WhatsApp is another simple and popular method for making free international calls. It is utilized by over 2 billion individuals in 180 countries.

It is a great means of communicating with the larger international community.

Whatsapp is an extremely beneficial tool for individuals who need to communicate with colleagues, clients, friends, or family. 

It’s especially useful for people who reside in countries where SMS text messages are charged per sending because you can now live chat, send photographs, documents, videos, and even video call or call a person or group of people for free whenever you’re connected to a network or wi-fi.

Its distribution method is also efficient, so you’ll know when your text was sent, when the other person received it, and when he or she read it (as long as those features are on), Calls or video calls have high quality and save you a lot of money on phone credit. 

The ability to connect your Instagram profiles and Facebook Pages straight to Whatsapp allows for the most dynamic and easiest development of communication.


FaceTime is certainly something you’re already familiar with if you’re an Apple user. 

This is an iPhone and iPad-only app that allows you to make voice and video calls to other iPhone and iPad users.

And the good news is that FaceTime also supports free international calls.

FaceTime is embedded into your Apple iPhone, so there’s no need to install a separate app. 

Simply select FaceTime as an option when making a call. It works exactly like a regular phone call, with the phone ringing and everything.

FaceTime is a video chat app that allows users to initiate and participate in video calls using their Apple devices. 

FaceTime allows Mac users to have face-to-face conversations with people who also have a Mac computer or an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. 

In terms of business, Mac and iOS users may easily cooperate, organize virtual meetings, and have one-on-one business chats.

In terms of video quality, FaceTime outperforms other video messaging apps. 

Images are crisper and clearer than popular competitors, and it can receive HD video conversations at up to 720p on Intel-based Macs that are supported. 

The software is already built into the latest Apple devices, and those who need to set it up may do so quickly and easily by using their Apple ID. 

When you’re ready, utilizing FaceTime is similar to calling someone on the phone. Simply search through your contact list and use FaceTime to call the person you wish to reach.

Even if FaceTime isn’t open, you can receive incoming calls without having to open the app.


Viber is another excellent app for making free international calls and texting. It is used to communicate with hundreds of millions of people globally.

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Use the Viber mobile app or desktop software to make voice and video calls to other Viber users. The mobile app is available on Google Play, the App Store, and the Huawei AppGallery.

Viber is a mobile messaging service that allows users to make free phone calls and send text messages to other Viber users. 

This free instant messaging and VoIP app is designed to work with a variety of mobile operating systems.

Viber users can utilize the platform to communicate photos, video, and audio media in addition to phone calls and chat.

Viber is a very useful tool, particularly for organizations and individuals who seek a reliable messaging system at a low cost. 

Viber members can call and message one another for free using Wi-Fi or 3G access. 

In addition, the software provides paid international calls to unregistered landline and mobile numbers for extremely low rates.

The messaging app is also a low-cost method of sharing photographs, files, and audio. 

Furthermore, Viber runs on practically every known messaging platform – desktop, laptops, and smartphones – providing consumers with the flexibility and capability needed to take their business to the next level.


The LINE is a fantastic social networking tool that allows me to send messages as well as initiate audio and video calls via the internet.

Because of its extensive software support, you may use it from both a mobile device and a personal computer or a Mac. 

Chat groups may accommodate up to 200 friends, making it simple to add all of your friends. It offers free voice and video calls. 

Works on all platforms, including mobile phones and computers. It features a comical face play function that makes it enjoyable to share.

After watching a small advertisement, LINE allows you to make free short calls (up to 5 minutes) to practically anywhere in the world. 

These calls can be made to mobile phones or landlines, and the recipient does not need to have the LINE app.


Messenger is a popular app that lets you make free international calls and send messages all over the world.

You may be more familiar with it as Facebook Messenger, but with Facebook’s recent rebranding to Meta, it is now simply Messenger.

Messenger is accessible for free as a mobile app and as a desktop download. You can use it to make audio or video calls to other Messenger users. 

You’ll be able to record and transmit video and text messages as well.

Messenger syncs seamlessly with your phone contacts and Facebook friends list, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

To make your free calls, you’ll need Internet connectivity, just like practically every other choice on this list.

Messenger 2023 is the most dependable messaging system ever created, designed to deliver your messages in the fewest bytes possible. 

It works even with the most unstable mobile connections.

Google Duo

Users of Google may be interested in using Google Duo to make free international calls. All you need is a Google account for both users!

It’s a free and straightforward video calling app for Android and iPhone devices, as well as tablets, PCs, and smart displays.

Google Duo is an excellent tool for Android phone users since, like the iPhone Facetime feature, it is beneficial to both Android and iPhone users. 

It enables face-to-face video calling. It is also fantastic for saving our digital memories because it allows us to take images during video calls. During video calls, you can utilize several facial filters.

Duo streams in HD quality and changes between mobile and WiFi networks based on which is faster. 

You can hold a group video call with no network problems. You can also send a video message with Duo if the person is offline.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a well-known voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) telephone service that offers excellent call quality for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone service providers.

Google Voice is a viable alternative for many organizations due to its feature-rich plans, unlimited calling and texting, and useful call management capabilities.

If you’re trying to decide which VoIP company is ideal for you, Google Voice is an excellent place to start.

To get started with Google Voice, select either the business or personal plan that best suits your needs. 

You have the option of porting an existing phone number or choosing from a list of numbers with certain area codes from throughout the country.

Google Voice plans are free with a personal Google account. If you are a freelancer or a lone entrepreneur that only requires a dedicated business phone number, the free program may be suitable for you. 

Google Voice offers three business subscriptions, each with basic capabilities such as voice mail transcription, call forwarding, unlimited SMS in the United States, and 24/7 support.

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WeChat is more than a messaging and social media software; it is a way of life for one billion users worldwide. 

Chat and phone friends, read news and access local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play games with friends, and use WeChat’s mobile payment tools.

You may not have heard much about WeChat if you live in the United States, but it is extremely popular in China. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it is the world’s largest standalone mobile app.

WeChat is available as a smartphone app in the App Store and Google Play, as well as through a web browser. To make free international calls, you must have a WeChat account.

You can chat freely on WeChat, whether you want to exchange messages or share photographs and videos. WeChat allows you to stay in touch with people you care about no matter where you are. 

Search for and add friends using their WeChat ID or mobile number. Once your friend request has been approved, you can begin chatting. 

On Moments, you may share your favorite life experiences with your friends through images or videos, and you can also see your friends’ Moments at any time.

WeChat allows you to make free video and voice calls to one or more people no matter where you are. If you can’t explain yourself verbally, send a sticker to make your talks more enjoyable.

Pop Tox

PopTox allows you to make free international calls to any number, even landline phones, without having to download a separate app or create an account.

To make calls, it employs VoIP technology via your web browser (accessed via your PC or smartphone). 

Simply browse the website, type in the phone number you want to contact, then press the “Call” button.

PopTox is a platform that allows you to make free VoIP internet calls to any mobile or landline phone from your PC or smartphone. 

All you need is a stable Wi-Fi or internet connection to call anywhere around the globe with.

 Does not require the installation of any apps or plugins on your computer.

The only catch with PopTox free internet calls is that you may only make a certain number of calls each day, and there is a small fee for each additional call.

However, it remains one of the most affordable ways to make international calls, with costs much lower than those charged by traditional phone providers.


Rebtel was founded in 2006 with the objective of “removing the phony from mobile telephony.” 

If Rebtel does not achieve that goal, it has reduced the cost and complexity of international calling. 

Rebtel can save you up to 95% on international calls when compared to regular carriers. Rebtel is also very simple to use.

Rebtel requires you to sign up online using your cell phone number (you can also use a landline). 

You then import your overseas contacts into the Rebtel system. Rebtel will provide you with a one-of-a-kind local number for that foreign contact. 

You are free to phone that foreign contact at local rates. Calls are free in more than 50 countries (as indicated on Rebtel’s website). You simply need to pay for the local call. 

The international call is also free if you have unlimited local calls.


For individuals looking for high-quality video calls and instant messaging software, the IMO app may be the best option. It works flawlessly both locally and internationally.

Most other apps are slower and more difficult to use than IMO. Sending text messages, voice communications, and video calls are among the primary capabilities.

You won’t have to worry about high international calling rates when you use IMO. You can make free international calls to any country in the world.

One of the benefits that the IMO free video calls and chat offer its customers is the opportunity to create group chats.

You can use this tool to send text messages to multiple persons at the same time.

Vonage Mobile

Vonage is a top Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider in the telecommunications business. 

VoIP phones are specifically intended to transform normal voice data into digital format, which is then used to make VoIP calls. 

VoIP phones are the most recent communication technology, and Vonage is one of the best in this field.

It offers one of the best residential plans, which has enticed millions of users to make a move to VoIP. 

Vonage allows you to connect with someone in your neighborhood or an overseas client in minutes. It has also been appealing to smartphone users as a result of its free Vonage extension app.


Tango is social media software that provides free video calling, messaging, and live streaming. The app has been available since 2014 and is regularly being updated.

If you’re looking for a great calling app, the Tango app is worth a try. You may use it to make audio and video conversations, exchange photographs, send messages, and meet up with friends.

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The Tango software is accessible for both Android and iPhone, and it’s an excellent alternative to regular phone calls. 

Tango is one of the most popular free-calling apps on the market. It has been downloaded by over 100 million people and is used by people all around the world. 

Using an internet connection, you may use the app to make free video calls and text other Tango users.

You may stream your world to anybody you want and interact and engage in conversations to meet cool individuals from all around the world through public chats.

Furthermore, thanks to its unique live family chat feature, you may stay in touch with loved ones near and far like never before.

Tango was once limited to free text and video conversations, but it has since evolved into a live-streaming service.


VoipBuster provides free computer-to-computer calls as well as mobile international app calls. 

This program does not support video calls or text messages and is just intended for basic communication. VoipBuster can be a suitable alternative for voice-only calls.

VoipBuster is a “free” VoIP service provider that provides free in-network calls, similar to Skype. 

They, like Skype, provide unlimited free in-network calls; however, they only allow audio calls rather than video conversations. 

They advertise several free calling days as well as reasonable international prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many small doubts that users have in their minds, So to clear those doubts, here are some frequently asked questions.

What is the cheapest way to call internationally?

A second phone number is frequently the most cost-effective option for making international calls. 

While a local SIM card can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 (with top-up charges every month or so), a second phone number will only cost you a fifth of that amount.

If you want to make cheap international calls, we recommend using an internet call app, as numerous wonderful ones are free.

Some of them are Whatsapp, LINE, Google Duo, Google Voice, Viber, WeChat, etc.

Can you make international calls on Wi-Fi? 

Yes, you can utilize Wi-Fi Calling to make an international call to another country. Several apps will allow you to make Wi-Fi calls

To mention a few, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Skype. The only issue with these is that the individuals you wish to call must have the app installed on their phones as well. 

With Facebook’s extensive availability, it may be the ideal option to make a Wi-Fi call home if you don’t want to annoy your cell phone carrier.

Is Google duo free for international calls?

Google Duo is a free app for international video calls. It has high-quality audio and video calling capabilities. It is mostly used for video conferencing around the world. 

To use Google Duo, you must first register with your phone number. 

After registering, you may invite your friends and family to your Google Duo account and begin making free calls.

Is iPhone to iPhone calls free internationally?

It makes no difference whether you are local or foreign when making Facetime calls. FaceTime calls offer both national and international calls for free between iPhones and other Apple devices.

You must pay because you are making a FaceTime call over your carrier’s network. 

If you are using WiFi and because Wi-Fi is free, the caller is not required to pay. If you use 3G, your cellular data will be used.

Are WhatsApp video calls free internationally?

WhatsApp calls, whether local or international, are completely free of charge. It does not charge for video or audio calls individually. 

To make calls, Whatsapp free international calls only need mobile data or data from wifi providers.

How do VOIP apps make free international calls?

Most apps only enable free international calls when calling another app user. If you’ve ever FaceTimed or Skyped with someone, you’re already aware of this principle.

You communicate through the internet rather than traditional telephone lines, which are more expensive to operate, and VOIP apps pass on the savings to you!

Many apps must display adverts and rely on premium users to cover the cost of free phone calls to provide free phone calls.

Some apps, such as WhatsApp, do not display adverts, although this is usually because they are controlled by a huge firm with deep financial reserves, such as Facebook.


I hope you are now aware of the methods for making free international calls. Numerous apps provide free international calls with app-to-app voice and video communication. All you need is a steady internet connection, and you could never have to pay for international phone calls again!

This is a useful tip to know if you are traveling abroad or just need to communicate with clients from your home office.