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Free Cars for College Students Programs

Free Cars for College Students Programs
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Free Cars for College Students Programs: Getting to go to college in their own car is still a dream for many students these days. Now by giving away free cars for college students programs, the Government has helped every student to achieve the dream life they always wished for.

In the US, for many students, the car is also a necessity as some stay very far away due to which unable to attend college on time regularly. Also, many of the students have a passion for owning a car when they are still in college.

cars for college students programs
cars for college students programs

Also, as many are not in a position to afford a car on their own, this program to provide a free car to students along with free care has really helped them. This shows that those days are gone when only wealthy ones could have a car. This also brings about a change in society, along with serving the needy.

Now all the students have to do is apply to get a car only by giving a valid reason why they want a car, and based on the answers they give, they have a chance to own a car. Also, one of the most important reasons for introducing such a program is that, based on some research, reasonable transportation for college students will help them in getting better grades.

So now, let’s take a tour and get to know the process of getting a free car even better.

Free Cars For College Students From Charity

A car is a best and safest vehicle for a student. A student who owns a car can attend college irrespective of how the weather is outside and also can quickly after college ends, go about his part-time work, thereby not having to depend on public transport, which, as known, is a time-consuming process.

Having seen and known how hard it is out there to juggle around in between college and tuition without having your own personal vehicle, this program of giving cars for free has brought about a drastic change in the life of college students; thereby, they can balance the college and tuition and if in some circumstances earn some extra cash by working part-time.

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There are also some charity organizations (NPO) out there who are coming forward to provide cars for free just by checking your academic performance. So if you are a bad or an average performer, then you better up those figures a bit as some of them are not willing to provide free cars to such low-scoring college students. Now without any more delay, let’s get to the topic you guys are waiting for!

List of Various Charities that Offer Free cars for college students

 As mentioned above, the following NPO (Non-Profit Organization) helps the students to get free cars for college students.

car grants for students
Car grants for students

 These organizations provide free or used cars to students who need one. They analyze the situation and have given multiple options to such needy students, even paying back the money when they get the job and earning enough salary. Now let’s have a look at such NPOs in brief:


Many students who are now settled and are earning a hand-full are part of this charity. Including such students who were once college students themselves and who can understand the situation of college students better than anyone has made this charity one of the top ones in providing free cars for college students.

All they ask for in return are some excellent grades and legal documents as proof. They also provide free cars for college students, and even in addition to that, they accept used cars as a charity and further donate them to the needy. One can visit the Official Site to apply for free cars.

Here is the list of Carangel’s Sponsor 

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  14. Motor’s Auction Group
  15. Scovel’s Towing
  16. Focus on the Family
  17. Action House
  18. YAHOO!
  19. MSN
  20. BlackBeanie.net


Second on the list of NPOs providing free cars for college students in Free Charity Cars who, if the applicant has enough money, also provide Car Insurance, which has become a must these days. This NPO provides used as well as new cars to college students.

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The old cars are maintained in good and working condition, so that is something that the college students need not worry about. All that the college students have to do is to is contact them and give them a valid reason as to why they need the vehicle, and if good enough, they will have a car to their name. Even this organization has an official website where they can apply for a free car.

Purple Foundation

Purple charity Foundation generally is focused on providing financial support in areas of education. So if you are someone who has good grades, then you are just in the right place where you can get a free car easily and quickly.

Eligibility Criteria to Get Free Cars for Students From Charity

The only criterion the Government authorities are interested in is your academic performance. Based on your grades, the Government decides whether or not you are eligible to get a free car. If you have good or excellent grades, then just talk to the Government, fill out the application, finish the process, and get yourself a free car.

In case you are not eligible to get a free car for college students programs, then there is another way available out there wherein you can apply for a loan to purchase the car, and by paying regular EMI, you can clear it.

But you might want to know that you will have to pay the loan continuously of a fixed amount for a fixed period; failure in doing so will result in the company people having to take your car away.

So if you feel you cannot pay the amount regularly, then it is safe to say for you to not get yourself into trouble by applying for a loan.

Also, there are some charities out there who, alongside the Government, are willing to provide scholarships to students to buy a car. Now let’s have a look in detail at the procedure to be followed to get yourself a free car.

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car giveaway for college students
car giveaway for college students

Procedure to follow to get Free Cars for Students From NPOs

Alongside the Government, there are a lot of organizations working under the program of “Student Car Program” who are more than willing to provide students financial assistance with low-interest rates or even zero interest rates, thereby reducing the burden on the students.

In this program, they are providing financial assistance to students, not just free cars but also for their college fees, transportation expenses, hostel expenses, and also for any other necessities that are required of the college students in their daily life.

These organizations accept applications from the students, and even if they are maintaining a bad or low credit score are willing to give them financial assistance. All they ask in return are some basic questions and some legal documents as proof.

They then run some background checks on the college students who have applied just to see if he has already used the program and also to check their performance, history and if that college student really needs the free car.

They then explain the rules and regulations to the student and also give them the chance to pick the vehicle from a variety of companies that these NPO organizations have tie-ups with, like BMW, Mercedes, Acura, Ford, Fiat, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan, Volkswagen, Honda, etc.

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So as we all know, the importance of travel and the vehicle of transport, mainly to a college student who is having to forgo a lot of things just because he is not facilitated with the good means of transportation or the traveling time by using public transport takes a lot of time.

So the introduction of the program to provide the students with free cars by the Government and other NPO has brought about a massive change in the life of college students and the way they go about things. It has opened up gates for a lot of vast and exciting opportunities for college students and for which they will forever be grateful.