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How to get Free Address Labels ( 5 Proven Ways )

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Free Address Labels are something that charity organizations use to gather attention and donations from people. It is one of the smartest ways to convince people to give donations to the needy. These charities give away cheap freebies in the form of address labels or nickels and, in turn, garner huge amounts of donations.

Although the world of snail mail is long gone, people still are quite attached to address labels, and rightfully so since you will be mostly required to mention the return address on a postal mail envelope. This is because, in case your item is not delivered, the same can be returned to you at the address mentioned by you.

So, if you have address labels, you will be able to send out event invitations or holiday cards and similar stuff using these free address labels. This will make the entire process quite feasible for you. So if you are wondering where can I Get Free Address Labels? Then here we have got solutions for all your questions.

How to get Free Address Labels

If you are wondering, then yes, it is possible to get Free Address Labels. There are various ways using which you can get free labels which you can use while mailing someone to put for a return address. You can get free address labels from Charities, shipping companies, subscribing to newsletters, as well as printing companies that offer free address labels. Websites like Amazon and Etsy provide address labels at a cheap price. 

When something is given for free, the tendency of most of us is to take it and also use the freebies. Keeping these things in mind, Charity and non-profit organizations lure people into making donations by giving them freebies such as Address Labels.

Although the days of sending postcards, invitations, handmade greeting cards, holiday cards, and other snail mail are long gone, these gestures are still quite loved by most people. Those people who still send their loved ones snail mail might very well know how annoying it can get to mention the return address over and over for one simple mail. 

This is where an address label can come to your rescue. And Charity organizations no exactly how helpful address labels can be. So, with their motive to get huge amounts of donations in order to run their organization, charities offer free address labels to people. There are some charities that also directly sell address labels for a very minimal price and then utilize the money for a good cause. 

Address Labels are one of the minor yet crucial things for many people. If you are in need of address labels, then below mentioned are the various ways using which you can get them for free.

Free Address Labels from Charities 2023

Free Address Labels from Charities 2023

Charities and nonprofit organizations rely on donations received from various people and entities. The day-to-day activities of such charities are run based on the donations received.

Hence it is important for such it is to gather as many donations at the can from the people. One of the ways they do so is by reminding people of their Charity organization by giving away freebies such as address labels. 

You might have heard about a lot of charities that offer free address labels to people. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee as to when, if, or how often you will receive free address labels from charities.

Most people get free address labels after making donations to a charity. It completely depends on the charity that you have donated to.

Even if you do not get free address labels easily from the charity that you have donated to, there is a big advantage in making such donations. Apart from your inner satisfaction, the donations that you make are tax deductible. This is a major reason many people make donations to charities.

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Given below are some of the organizations that we know send free address labels. You can check out more information about these organizations and work accordingly to get free address labels. 

  • Animal Humane Society – No minimum amount for online donation. You can donate $25 or more and get a free subscription to the All Animals magazine.
  • Best Friends Animal Society – You can donate to this organization online with no minimum donation price. By donating $25 or more, you can get 6 bi-monthly issues of the magazine – Best Friends.
  • American Heart Association – Minimum donation of $10 and get the link to their recipe book ‘Shop Smart, Eat Smart.’ You can make donations via mail too.
  • The National Wildlife Federation – You can donate to this organization with a minimum of $5 and get a free field bag by donating $30 or more. By donating $15, you can get benefits such as a subscription to the National Wildlife magazine, discounts on catalog merchandise, and many more gifts.
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Buy 144 address labels for $12.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) – No minimum donation amount.
  • National Foundation for Cancer Research – Minimum donation of $3.
  • March of Dimes – You can get free notepads, cards, address labels, etc.
  • Arbor Day Foundation – Minimum donation of $10.
  • Susan G. Komen – Minimum donation of $5.
  • Boys Town – No minimum donation amount.
  • American Lung Association – No minimum donation amount.
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Minimum donation of $1.
  • The American Legion – No minimum donation amount.
  • Feed the Children – Minimum donation of $10.
  • Disabled American Veterans (DAV) – No minimum donation amount.
  • Christian Appalachian Project – Minimum donation of $3.

Request for Address Labels Samples from Printing companies

Request for Address Labels Samples from Printing companies


If you want to get your hands on free address labels, one of the coolest tricks is to request samples of address labels from different printing companies. Printing companies generally offer samples of something that you would be buying in bulk in the future. 

Such companies also, at times, send away free address labels to people as a way to market their products. Some companies also promote their services by giving out coupon codes for free or at discounted prices. This can be a great opportunity for you to get free address labels from printing companies. 

You can directly contact various printing companies or mail them asking for address label samples or coupon codes that you can apply to get address labels printed.

Yet another way to get labels from printing companies is by following them on social media or subscribing to those newsletters. You will most probably find one or the other active special offer using which you can get freebies. 

Just know that you cannot expect a lot of free labels from such companies. They might send your sample labels at most, but the quantity would be much less than what you can get from charities.

Below are some printing companies that send free samples of address labels or even provide huge discounts on coupons for their customers.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Subscribe to Newsletters

You might be wondering what subscribing to newsletters could get you. When you subscribe to a company or an organization, you are basically providing them with your email address where they can contact you. When you get on the mailing list of such companies, there are high chances that you can get free address labels.

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By registering on the official websites of different brands online, you can get the chance to find the company that would send you address labels by doing giveaways. Different companies opt for different items to give away to their loyal customers and social media audience.

Not just the newsletter, but you can also subscribe to the social media channels of various companies. You can find all the updates and notifications about any giveaways that the company is conducting.

One of the well-known companies that give away free address labels to people on the mailing list is the Humane Society of the United States. All you need to do is just fill out the form and wait for some time which good be around 10 weeks, for the delivery. Note that this giveaway by the organization is available only in the United States and is limited to one set for each household.

Create your own Address Label Template

Create your own Address Label Template

What better than making your own address labels? You can not only customize it but always change the design as per your needs and convenience. It might seem a bit too much but creating your own address label template is quite easier with tools such as Canva.

For those of you who do not know, Canva is a very popular designing website where you can design or use available templates for a number of uses like Presentations, social media posts, flyers, posters, editing videos, and much more.

You can either create or might even find readymade templates for address labels. And then, all you need to do is print these address labels. This is actually hassle-free and can be a great option, especially if you are not able to get free address labels. 

You can use websites and software tools such as Microsoft Office, Canva, Adobe PDF, Photoshop, Apple Pages, Illustrator, InDesign, Online Labels, Avery, and so on to make your own address labels. Use that creativity!

It is actually quite easy to use these platforms to Create your own address labels. All you have to do is visit the website or software and look for templates of address labels on these websites.

You will most certainly find a lot of free templates available. Simply open and edit these templates. You can put your own address name and whatever other information you are willing to mention on the address label.

Then simply save your designs and print these labels. You can also use your own papers instead of buying them from the photocopy shop. After printing these labels of the size that you want, you can use them as and when required.

Shipping Companies

Shipping Companies

Shipping companies are the companies that transport shipments of goods. It is quite understandable that shipping companies would have a lot of address labels available to them.

Some of the shipping companies that offer free address labels are UPS and USPS. Apart from address labels, you can from shipping companies for free such as stickers, envelopes, and boxes.

Cheap Alternatives to Free Address Labels

Cheap Alternatives to Free Address Labels

We know that getting a freebie is not as easy as it seems to be. In most cases, you might have to pay a certain amount for donations, printing labels, or shipping costs. This can be a bummer, so here we have mentioned a few cheap alternatives to free address labels that do not require you to donate anything or sign up for any mailing lists. 

Get Customized labels from Etsy or Amazon –  the easiest and cheapest alternative to free address labels is buying your own customized address labels from websites such as at sea or Amazon. You will find a lot of sellers who will be offering customized sticker labels. Or you can also opt for their design for the stickers.

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On Amazon, you can get 500 Labels in just $11. You can get these stickers in either white or multiple colors. You can also add either a seasonal graphic to your design or a 1-letter monogram.  If you want, you can also get the same package from 500Labels at just $10 shipped. 

On Etsy, you can get a lot of offers from various sellers who will mail the address labels to you. One of the best sellers on Etsy is SaversPlace which offers 800 labels set at just $8.95 + free shipping.

If you are a person who uses snail mail quite often, then you can go beyond address labels to use something that is much more affordable and convenient. On websites like Etsy, Amazon, etc., you will find a device called the ‘self-inking return address stamp.’ You can also find it at nearby office supplies or stationery stores.

With the self-inking address stamp, you can easily put your return address on the envelope. The best part is they are very long-lasting and relatively affordable. You can find this stamp on Amazon at just $10. The price of an address stamp could further go up to $16 based on how fancy the self-inked stamp is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some of the most commonly asked questions related to how to get free address labels. As you might know, many Charity organizations offer free address labels and also other ways using which you can get labels for free. It is certain to have a lot of questions about the same. To help you out here, we have answered a few of them.

How can I make printable labels for free?

You can easily make printable labels for free by using tools like Canva, which are free to use. Simply go to the template that you like and edit it according to your needs. Once you have customized your label, you can download and print the same. The entire process is quite simple, and you can use any of the editing tools that you are comfortable with. 

How do I print sticker labels at home?

In order to print sticker labels at home, first of all, prepare the sticker label. You can use Canva, Adobe Photoshop,  Apple pages, or any other editing tool that you are compatible with to create your own sticker labels.

Now you can either find a sticker-friendly printer that has enough ink or adjust the address labels on the general printer page size. Either way, you can easily print your stickers as and when you like.

Can you make address labels at Walmart?

Yes, you can make address labels at Walmart. You can easily pack, ship, and print at particular Walmart stores all across the US. All you need to do is, from the Walmart store that offers the address label service, apply for address labels. Then choose a design and customize it according to your preference, and Walmart will mail the labels to you within just 3 business days. 

How do I print my own address labels?

You can easily print your own address labels. First of all, prepare your address label from any editing software such as Canva, Adobe, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, etc. After you have prepared a personalized address label, you can use a sticker printer or a normal printer and adjust the size of your address label on the A4 size printer pages. Let the ink on the stickers dry for a while, and you can thus print your own address labels.